Summer Layers

One of my favorite current jewelry trends is layering! It’s no secret that we’re all a fan of bold statement jewelry that will really stand out in a crowd. Yet, statement necklaces aren’t always something that one can wear every day. The key to showing off a statement necklace without it feeling like it’s “too much”, is by highlighting it with similar, but more toned down pieces. Layering alone can also be the statement—it’s a bold look without being too flashy. Why pick and choose from your favorite jewelry? Instead just layer it up, baby! The first step is getting necklaces in different lengths to make layering more simple and effortless. Plus, nothing beats getting to wear all your favorite pieces all at once. Finding ones that truly complement each other makes it an easy everyday look and one that you can wear with almost any outfit.

Someone I personally draw inspiration from is Madonna, who has continuously been one of the true masters of layering; she rocked amazing layers of rosaries to the Met Gala this year. It was an honor for her to choose one of my rosaries to wear, too.

Spice it up this summer whether you’re more of a delicate jewelry lover with maybe two to three necklaces or a statement layer with five or more pieces. It’s too hot for layered clothes here in NYC, but layering jewelry will always be cool.