Are your diamond prices competitive?

Yes. The diamond market is controlled and extremely competitive and so are our prices.

What makes diamonds so special and valuable is they are rare and natural with no two having the same characteristics.

Therefore when comparing two diamonds that may appear the same on paper, there are reasons why their prices vary.

What makes comparison shopping a bit confusing to the consumer is they are only aware of the four Cs. There are more variables that go beyond the four Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut), making their prices vary, and this is why it takes many years of study and experience to become a gemologist and a diamond expert.

That said, here are a couple of examples of in-depth variables impacting pricing:

  • Rough. Diamonds are cut from rough, and the quality of the rough will impact both the beauty and their market value. Rough can be hazy which impacts the stones sharp crisp luster. Hazy rough is less expensive than the more coveted crisp rough. Crisp rough is more rare, and more in demand therefore more valuable.
  • Cut. Another important factor impacting beauty and pricing. The proportions of a stone (not the shape, but the proportions to which the stone is cut), can vary the price of a diamond as much as 40%.

We suggest going with a crisp diamond that is optimally cut. You will get the maximum amount of scintillation under any lighting situation.

For these reasons mentioned, it is wise to allow an expert to balance out all the variables when selecting diamonds for you. We understand them intimately, and know how to sort through the numerous choices and give you exactly what you are looking for in respect to your criteria.

Do you sell ring settings without the center stone?

In order to control using conflict-free diamonds, we only set our stones in Catherine Angiel designs. We will however set customers heirloom stones.

Contact us to schedule a virtual or in-store appointment.

Do you do custom order designs?

Yes. We specialize in custom designs. You can make an appointment and we will assist you with your design needs, and provide a quote based on you specifications. If you wish to proceed, you are welcome to approve the wax model (when applicable) before finishing the order. In most cases a wax model can be slightly altered if needed before completing the order. When a wax is not required for a job, we show our clients the stones and parts involved in creating their design. This procedure makes our clients feel comfortable with a new creation and seeing it come to life.

Where is your jewelry made?

All of our work is proudly manufactured in New York City.

Are your diamonds conflict free?

Catherine Angiel takes this issue very seriously and is committed to using conflict free diamonds in her work. Our suppliers are reputable and operate in compliance with resolutions set forth by the United Nations as well as the Kimberley Process certification scheme. This is the most effective way of keeping conflict diamonds out of legitimate channels of commerce.

Please visit the United Nations and World Diamond Council Web sites at: and for more information on conflict diamonds.

What is your return policy?

Please read our terms and conditions to be informed about our exchange/return policies prior to placing your order.