General Cleaning

Catherine Angiel jewelry is very well crafted and if cared for properly can be enjoyed forever.

Hair products, moisturizers, perfumes, etc., can dull the appearance of gemstones or metals. Because of this, it is always good to maintain your fine jewelry. White vinegar is a recommended cleaner for diamonds. For pearls, emeralds or porous stones we recommend warm water. For the metal, a rouge cloth can be purchased online.

We suggest our customers periodically inspect their jewelry to help prevent costly repairs. If a problem is found, bring the item in to our store for repair to prevent more extensive damage or loss.

Additionally, jewelry should be professionally cleaned and inspected once a year.

General Care

We recommend insuring your precious item, so you are protected if any damage or loss occurs. Diamonds, gems, and metals are not indestructible and can break or bend. We do not recommend wearing your jewelry during strenuous activities such as working out, gardening, carrying heavy packages, etc.

For any questions please feel free to contact us.