Artist Bio

The Artist

 “My vibe is all about breaking the rules; whether it’s in my music, my jewelry or my life, I've always been a renegade and that translates in my work.” 


Jewelry designer Catherine Angiel, born and raised in New York, has always seen her city as her muse. Her passion for creativity and expression has led her to become an award winning jewelry artist, who is recognized by her peers, fashion stylists, celebrities and clientele as one of the most innovative jewelry designers of our time.

 Catherine’s life experiences are what inspire her trend-setting signature style. As a drummer in the 80’s underground rock scene, she has played alongside some of the greatest musicians in history.  The grit of the city with its fascinating people, graffiti covered walls, underground tattoo parlors, and architecture, are all reflected in her exclusive original creations. The work, all made in NYC, is sophisticated, fierce and feminine. Perfect for clients who desire jewelry that expresses personal style, be it edgy, romantic, or glamorous. 

 The artist's engagement ring collection is breathtaking and romantic. Architecturally inspired, each piece is created with exquisite intricate detail and is handcrafted with the same technique of antique heirlooms.

 Catherine’s edgier statement pieces are often seen in the press and adorned by celebrities.  The collection appropriately named ‘dangerous’ is made up of powerful iconic symbols, hand carved and encrusted with black diamonds.

 Catherine is a true artisan whose signature style intersects ancient themes with a modern edgy twist. Her passion is clearly visible in her unique creations