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The Artist

 “My vibe is all about breaking the rules; whether it’s in my music, my jewelry or my life, I've always been a renegade and that translates in my work.” 

 New York Native Catherine Angiel has always seen NYC as a muse, with towering structures above her seamlessly intertwining with the delicate details that line cobble stone streets, inspiration surrounds her. An appreciation for intricate design coupled with creative drive has allowed her the honor of becoming an award winning jewelry designer. One that receives praises from peers, fashion stylists, celebrities and clientele as an innovative woman in the jewelry industry.

 As a drummer during the underground rock era, she has played alongside musical icons. The grit of this city’s graffiti covered walls, tattoo parlors; charismatic people and awe inspiring architecture are all reflected in eponymous collection. Catherine takes pride in her ability to handcraft her creations in New York for clients who desire jewelry that expresses personal style, be it edgy, romantic, or glamorous.