Artist Bio


The Artist
 Jewelry designer Catherine Angiel, born and raised in New York, has always seen her city as her muse, and more than just a place she calls home. Her passion for creativity and expression has led her to become an award winning jewelry artist, who is recognized by her peers, fashion stylists, celebrities and clientele as one of the most innovative jewelry designers of our time.
 Catherine’s life experiences are what inspire her trend-setting signature style. As a drummer in the 80’s underground rock scene, she has played alongside some of the greatest musicians in history.  The grit of the city with its fascinating people, graffiti covered walls, underground tattoo parlors, and architecture, are all reflected in her exclusive original creations. The work, all made in NYC, is sophisticated, fierce and feminine. Perfect for those who desire jewelry that expresses one’s personal style, whether it’s edgy, romantic, or glamorous.
Her bridal engagement rings are breathtaking and romantic. Architecturally inspired, each piece is created with exquisite intricate detail and is stunning from all angles. These handmade creations are graceful and feminine, with the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi.
 Catherine’s edgier signature statement pieces are often seen in the press and adorned by celebrities, fashionistas and America’s royalty.  Appropriately named ‘dangerous’, this collection is totally badass. Inspired by her rocker days, Catherine took the grit of street art and tattoos, and transformed them into a higher art form.  Powerful iconic symbols are hand carved with intricate detail, and encrusted with black and white diamonds. Each piece is wearable art and feels like a part of one’s skin, like a tattoo without the commitment.
Her creations have a modern-antique vibe that sets her apart from all others. 
My vibe is all about breaking the rules; whether it’s in my music, my jewelry or my life, I've always been a renegade and that translates in my work.”


The Boutique

 In 1993 Catherine Angiel was determined to open and create an atmosphere that was low key and welcoming.  ‘I never enjoyed walking into jewelry stores. The atmosphere was always uptight and pushy, and the pieces had no character.  I was determined to bring the cool factor into fine jewelry, and create an environment that was the opposite of the norm. The environment had to work in synchronicity with my creations, and my personality’

 Greenwich Village was the perfect spot for Catherine’s vision and her work. The unusual location for high end jewelry stores appealed to the artist, as she saw the neighborhood as her home.  She opened her boutique on Greenwich Ave, a quirky street off the beaten path in the West Village.  The 700 square foot shop is exactly what Catherine dreamt of. It’s intimate, welcoming and very cool.  The artist not only had a vision of a cool location, she also had a vision to display her work in a way that’s never been done before. She designed handmade wrought iron cases that are a combination of rustic and chic, similar to her design sensibility. 

 During the launch of her opening in ‘93, Catherine was also an advocate for equality and same sex marriage. She wanted everyone to feel proud of celebrating their commitment and was determined to create a safe haven for same sex couples to do just that. She coined the term ‘commitment rings’, which is now a globally used term. 

 Catherine is a true artist, whose passion for design is undeniable. She designs each unique, handcrafted piece personally and manufactures her creations in NYC.  She loves working one-on-one with clients creating special custom pieces as she feels it's magical making their vision come true.

  When one walks through the threshold of her jewelry boutique, rock n roll is playing and you can really feel her vibe. It’s a refreshing experience; from the jewelry, to the atmosphere, to the artist. It’s no wonder her boutique earned her America’s Cool Store award in 2012. 

 From a dream to into reality, Catherine is a renegade whose vision and gallery are now a destination for locals, celebrities and America’s royalty to shop.