Mixing Metals with Stacking Bands

It’s becoming more and more popular to mix and match the color jewelry you wear, especially with stacking bands. When it comes to layering more than one color there aren’t any rules set in stone,  it all boils down to you and your personal style. When designing jewelry I focus on balance, whether it is balancing feminine and edgy or a two tone engagement ring. Keeping balance in mind will help when you are looking to add to your color palette, start with an underlying “theme” or common element. Look for similar detailing on an eternity band or the same design elements in a necklace you want to layer— just because the color doesn’t match doesn’t mean the pieces will clash. Staying true to your personal style or wanting to be more adventurous with it is something I’ve always encouraged.  So, start simple and find pieces that reflect your personal taste or whatever makes you feel like your best self!