Resetting Heirloom Diamonds

Trends come and go, but diamonds are forever. In 2019, some of the hottest engagement ring styles are solitaire diamonds (shocker), colored stones (this one’s new and we’re here for it), and cluster diamond settings. But back in 1919, let’s say when your grandparents were getting engaged, ring styles looked a lot different. Art deco rings can be fabulous and there’s nothing like the sentimentality of inheriting a family heirloom diamond, but what good is it if it’s collecting dust in your jewelry box?

Re-purposing diamonds from outdated pieces is called upcycling and it’s the best option to ensure you get good use out of grandma’s beautiful antique diamond while turning it into something she would be proud of. Get creative and you’ll end up with a piece that’s fresh and modern while honoring where that diamond came from.

Here are some ideas we love for turning a family diamond into a stunning new star in your collection…

Arm Candy

Bracelets are a great way to re-purpose diamonds in a fashion that won’t go out of style. A single solitaire diamond bracelet on a delicate chain in yellow, white, or rose gold will stand the test of time. Or create a charm bracelet with the precious stone that can be handed down to the next generation.

Step Up Your Necklace Game

Anything from a deep set modern solitaire diamond to an inventive, eye catching piece of art; working with a true designer like Catherine Angiel can ensure you end up with something special and unique. It’s important to have a good report with your designer and impart upon them the history of the heirloom diamond you’re repurposing.

One Ring to Another

Yep, you guessed it. Have your diamond ring evaluated for the 4 C’s and the jeweler can help you understand the best way to re-purpose it. Slightly smaller ct stone with some imperfections? Set it in a diamond halo to make it appear larger. Or enhance it by adding side stones of the same clarity. The possibilities are endless. And don’t be shy about giving the diamond to your partner in advance of an engagement with some helpful information about re-purposing. Who doesn’t love a new luxury engagement ring with some sentimental value?

Curiosity piqued about a piece you’ve been sitting on for a while? Get in touch with us to find out more!