Vintage-Inspired Modern Heirlooms

It’s no secret that many of my jewelry designs are inspired by a classic, vintage look. Creating something that feels timeless and elegant, while adding my own contemporary touches to produce something uniquely modern, has been a goal of mine throughout my career.

I saw a lot of what goes on in the jewelry industry before opening my own boutique 25 years ago. It was very important to me that my pieces have certain qualities that make antique jewelry so lasting and meaningful: they are fashioned by hand, with an attention to detail, high-quality materials, and a flair for the artistic. Nothing I produce will ever look or feel cookie-cutter or mass-produced, because it isn’t.

In the 1990s, I was commissioned by Warner Brothers to recreate period jewelry pieces for their films. This opportunity reinforced my ideas further about the qualities that can make jewelry not only treasured pieces of fashion and art for the owner, but a lasting heirloom that defines memories for generations. A piece of jewelry represents an emotion, a special occasion, a loved one, a treasured time in one’s life, and feelings that can be joyous, nostalgic, or even bittersweet.

Quality and craftsmanship never go out of style, and every design should reflect something personal and distinctive that the person who wears it can appreciate. Jewelry is an ultimate expression of one’s own style, personality, and how they express themselves to the world. I take that self-expression very personally and work hard to make it an essential part of every piece we sell.

It's a lot of responsibility knowing that when someone makes an investment in a piece of Catherine Angiel jewelry it becomes a part of their life. Most jewelry is purchased for some milestone; an engagement, a wedding day, a birthday, or anniversary. While there is tremendous joy at seeing a client’s eyes light up when finding the piece that speaks to them or getting an email with a touching story of a couple’s engagement, that moment is just the beginning. That piece will hopefully gain more and more sentimental value, and bring back warm and lasting memories, each time it’s worn.

Having been in business for more than two decades, I’ve now been fortunate to have a second generation of family members visit the store for their own special memories. Often, I get to hear the story of how some piece that I may have designed a decade ago now has a special place in a family’s history. Then, it’s time to look and find that next piece that will be tomorrow’s story. Family is incredibly special to me, and whatever form your family happens to take, I thank everyone who has made me a part of your family legacy. I look forward to being part of countless new memories to come.


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