Greta Gerwig wears Catherine Angiel on the cover of Vogue

Greta Gerwig

A woman on fire in every way. As the 5th woman to ever be nominated for an Oscar in the director category for her movie Lady Bird, she had her pick of projects to take on next. Little Women, coming out on Christmas Day, is her new take on the Louisa May Alcott classic that has resonated with so many women since it's publish date in 1869.

Vogue Print Cover of Greta Gerwig wearing Catherine Angiel

Gerwig graces the January cover of Vogue wearing the Catherine Angiel rare grey diamond ring; while holding her new born child. Is there a better example for women in the 21st century than Gerwig on the cover of a fashion magazine having experienced enormous success in her career and managing to balance family life at the same time? 

Rare Grey Diamond Ring

Grey diamonds are rare, naturally colored diamond stones; much more rare than yellow or blue diamonds and are therefore relatively unknown. It is believed that grey diamonds can help the wearer achieve their dreams. 

Greta Gerwig inside Vogue January 2020 issue wearing Catherine Angiel

There is no one to better represent the Catherine Angiel brand than Greta Gerwig. A leader among women in her field, breaking ground and making waves with her partner Noah Baumbach, and now a new mother; Greta Gerwig is a bad-ass woman who we can't help but admire. 

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