Cat's Picks: December

Catherine Angiel has been designing bad ass jewelry in the West Village for 26 years. Ever wonder what the life of a jewelry designer is like outside of hunting down the perfect diamond for their clients and sketching stunning mock ups of a new engagement ring design? Well we're introducing you to a new segment called Cat's Picks where you can get to know this native New Yorker a little better and maybe even steal a few of her favorite things. Trust us, after 26 years as a West Village staple, she knows what's up. 

And with the holidays fast approaching, the Big Apple starts to turn into a glistening, snow globe of wonder and joy. But what is it exactly about December in the city that makes it so damn romantic? The team at Catherine Angiel wanted Cat's city perspective so we picked her brain about some of the magic of the season and we're sharing it with you!


Q: What do you think makes NYC so magical during the holiday season?
Cat: There's a shift in the energy of the city when December rolls around. Maybe that has to do with the holiday fashion, the over the top windows, the light displays- I mean New York does it big! But there really is nothing as beautiful and inspiring as New York in the snow. 


Q: What's your favorite place to cozy up for a drink during the winter months? 
Cat: Well, you want me to say some cute bar but in all honestly nothing beats curling up with my two pooches by my fireplace at home in the Hamptons. 


Q: What's your favorite piece in your collection to gift for the holidays? 
Cat: Layering pieces are my favorite because their whimsical, fun, and expressive. I especially love the unexpected, pairing something feminine and soft with something more daring. These themes show up a lot in my work. 


Q: What you're wearing to stay warm this winter?
Cat: Lots of LAYERS just like my jewelry and my ski mask. I'm not even kidding, ask my staff. But I'm also partial to modern, designer blazers that cater to my personal style. 


Q: What do you do when you're not working on new jewelry?
Cat: I walk a lot, especially with my dogs, and in the warmer months I garden! But fresh air does the body good.


Q: Treat your dogs to anything special? 
Cat: YES, everyday. You name it, they have it. It's ridiculous. But I love to spoil them.


Q: Favorite meal in NYC right now? 
Cat: Broccoli rabe and pine nut pizza at Roey's down the street. To die for. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that, I don't want my favorite spot getting too crowded.


Q: Fav splurge?
Cat: Big red California Cab! Simi is my go to and it's not even that much of a splurge so, you're welcome ;)


Q: Fav save?
Cat: I've found some really fun personalized bolero ties on Etsy. I work with high end jewelry all day, sometimes it's fun to explore what else is out there. And being a designer myself, I'm always interested to see what other artists are doing.


Q: Most exciting project you're working on right now? 
We just got a fantastic 2.02ct fancy yellow oval cut diamond in and I'm working on setting it in something unique, maybe rose gold. A fancy colored diamond like that is super rare and very fun to play around with. Like I said, I love the unexpected.


And there you have it! 10 questions with the infamous designer Catherine Angiel. We believe the ethos surrounding the brand is all about Cat. It's pretty unique to walk into a store and create something in tandem with the designer. Especially one as seasoned as Catherine. Many of her clients even become long term friends. It goes beyond creating and selling jewelry at Catherine Angiel; it's all about the story.