Catherine Angiel

Black Spinel Bead Necklace

SKU: 4133/SBPN


Long and luxurious wrap necklace.  

Indulge in the elegance of this opulent wrap necklace that exudes luxury and sophistication. With an impressive length of one hundred inches, this necklace features exquisite black spinel beads that add a touch of allure. The silver daggers at the ends of the necklace are adorned with .15cts of black diamonds, creating a striking contrast against the dark beads. Versatile in style, this glamorous necklace can be worn in multiple ways - either as a super long necklace or layered as a chic choker. The meticulously cut beads resemble sparkling diamonds, casting a mesmerizing shimmer even in the dimmest of lights. 
Pairs perfectly with item Dagger black beaded bracelet  and Black diamond bead earrings

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