Women in Jewelry : New Decade, New Rules

For years, the jewelry industry has been dominated by men.

Men both designing jewelry and buying it; for the women in their lives. Marketing tactics, in turn, have followed suit. Decades of ad dollars have gone towards enticing the male counterpart towards spending on luxury jewelry to show his love. 

Example of Jewelry Advertized to Men

Without pointing any fingers, here's an example of a recent ad that's obviously geared towards men.  

But retailers are beginning to understand the importance of the female buyer. Catherine Angiel has been a pioneer in this shift since the beginning of her career. "Back when I was starting out, I had to fight to be taken seriously. When I opened my flagship, there were so few women designers never mind store owners." - Catherine Angiel. The designer recognized that more and more women were bypassing the outdated notion that they needed a man to buy them luxury jewelry. There is an untapped market in women who don't want to wait for a man to buy them a diamond; especially when they are experiencing and celebrating career success on their own. 


Catherine Angiel shooting her Dangerous Collection on model. 

Gone are the days where women ask permission to treat themselves to something special and precious like luxury and fine jewelry. The industry is only now catching up to what has been a core value to the Catherine Angiel business for two decades; selling jewelry to strong women and separating the outdated idea that jewelry is only  tied to romance. Women in Hollywood, politics and beyond have been attracted to the Catherine Angiel brand for years for that very reason. Powerhouse writer, actor, and director Greta Gerwig favors Catherine Angiel's grey diamond ring which is known to bring the wearer the power to achieve their dreams.


Greta Gerwig pictured here directing on set. 

Michelle Obama is also partial to Catherine Angiel's black diamond earrings


Michelle Obama wears a pair of Catherine Angiel earrings.

One of the things that makes the Catherine Angiel brand such a standout among jewelry designers in the New York City area is that it's a collection designed by a woman for women. Groundbreaking, we know. But you'd be surprised to learn just how many stores and brands are dominated, still in 2020, by men."My style is perfect for clients who desire jewelry that expresses personal style, be it edgy, romantic, or glamorous." CA. She understands that women want more than 'something pretty'. Her designs go beyond the accessory and allow for self expression and personality to shine through. Check out some of Catherine's unique designs here!

Catherine Angiel with a happy client at her Neiman Marcus Trunk Show.

Jewelers have been in the gift business until now. Catherine Angiel is at the forefront of bringing luxury jewelry for women into the 21st century. 

To learn more about Catherine Angiel's history as a woman in the jewelry industry check out the Artist's Bio here.