The ring setting or the diamond, what comes first?

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The ring setting or the diamond, what comes first?

In today's personalized world, engagement rings are as unique as those who receive them. And because of this, the ring design has taken center stage when shopping for the perfect ring.

I have been in this industry for over 30 years, and have witnessed this transition.
Back in the 80’s the masses wanted larger diamonds, regardless of the quality. And since handcrafted jewelry cost more, the client opted for a plain, non-descript ring setting.

In the 90’s consumers moved toward smaller better quality stones set into a ring that was more interesting than the simple 4 prong  style.

Today the vast majority of consumers are searching for the design before deciding on the diamond. They want a ring that best suits their personality and lifestyle and many want a one of a kind custom piece.

As an artist this thrills me. There’s an appreciation for the artistic workmanship, creativity and individuality that goes into each piece. A ring that is personal as an engagement ring should without a doubt be as unique as the person who adorns it!

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