Painting it Black: How Punk Rock Inspired Cat’s Designs

The punk scene became a popular “it” look in the 1970s. While this scene was a look, it was also a subgenre of rock; this was a new kind of music that was underground, rejecting mainstream pop and rock music. Punk was full of rebellious spirit— strong aggression, unorthodox music, and fashion exploitation rocked the world with punks. The post-war rage boom and unemployment gave the adolescents of the era a viral attitude toward conformity and the government. Punk culture served as a metaphor for anarchy and the ability to revolt. In other words, the punk era was exciting.
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Some punk rock icons you might know of are Vivienne Westwood, Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground and the Ramones. Today, the inspiration is still seen in what people listen to and what people wear, especially, in Catherine Angiel’s jewelry.

What makes something ‘Punk’?

The general look was defined by leather, denim, metal spikes and studs, chains, military-style boots like Doc Martens. Torn clothing and bondage trousers that were mainly plaid also became the status symbol of attitude and/or rejection of mainstream society. Punk was a unique display of the youth movement from London to L.A.

Punk fashion was to look deconstructed and not perfectly matched, because the goal was to go against the social norm. It was chaotic but it benefitted the lifestyle. People still wear some sort of punk inspiration in their outfits now—spiked necklaces, vintage buttons on messenger bags, distressed leather jackets, and ripped tights.

Catherine Angiel as a drummer in the band “Mystery Girls”

Punk Inspiration in Catherine Angiel’s Designs

Living through the punk era not only ignited a rocker’s dream, it also inspired pieces that Catherine currently sells in her Greenwich Village boutique. Her storefront sets a black chandelier in the window and distressed metal jewelry displays on a black wooden floor. Where there’s a hint of edgy, there’s a hint of glam, and these jewelry pieces say it all.

These pieces scream “punk” just by looking at them. One of the key elements of punk rock jewelry is its edginess. Think chunky chains, spikes, studs, and leather. These materials are often combined with unconventional designs, such as safety pins, skulls, and crosses. This creates a bold, statement-making look that is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
Punk rock jewelry also has a do-it-yourself attitude, with many pieces being handmade or upcycled from everyday items. This makes punk rock jewelry accessible to anyone with a creative spirit and a willingness to experiment.


Roman Flip Ring

But don't think that punk rock jewelry is all about being tough and rebellious. It can also be incredibly stylish and versatile, adding an unexpected edge to any outfit. Pair a chunky chain necklace with a feminine dress for a bold contrast, or add a leather cuff bracelet to your workwear for an unexpected twist. If you’re looking for a unique ring, black diamonds are the way to go!

Punk rock jewelry is all about pushing boundaries and expressing your unique personality through your accessories. With its rebellious attitude and bold, unconventional style, punk rock still influences the fashion world, particularly in the realm of jewelry. So whether you're a die-hard punk rocker or just looking for a little edge in your jewelry collection, there's no doubt that Catherine’s punk rock-inspired jewelry will help you make a statement. Let your creativity run wild and have fun with this bold and exciting trend!