Custom Engagement Ring-How the Process Works

Today many couples want to express their unique love creating a unique custom engagement ring. The process of bringing your idea into fruition is exhilarating, and fun!

Here’s some useful information on how it all works, and what to expect.

  • Have a budget in mind. You want to make sure doing a custom piece will work in your price range. New designs will cost more because they’re more time consuming, and fees are involved to create a new wax and mold.
  • Work with an experienced artist. Look at the quality and details in their existing work before considering commissioning them. 
  • Once you chose the best person for the job, be ready to discuss all the elements you would like in your ring. Providing photos is a great way for the designer to gain insight into your personal style. 
  • Choose a design that works with your lifestyle. Some occupations or hobbies may require a lower profile ring so it doesn’t get in the way of your activities.
  • Once you decide to get started, the digital sketch usually takes 2-3 weeks, and should be sent to you for approval. 
    If you decide to make any changes to the original design, additional design fees may apply.
  • Give it time. A custom piece usually takes 8 weeks for completion.
  • Remember to enjoy the process. There is nothing more romantic then creating your  very own ring to express your unique love!