Get Personal This Holiday

by Catherine Angiel December 21, 2015

Tattoo Inspired initials 

Ffeel like a Rock Star with Catherine Angiel's tattoo inspired badass initials!

Need Christmas delivery this week?

Although delivery is 4-6 weeks… call, place your order and we’ll email a photo of what’s to come as a very special stocking stuffer!

diamond initial earrings Initial Stud Graffiti Inspired Earrings

Complimenting their Rock Star Pendant are these matching Initial Black Diamond Stud Earrings. Being moved by the wall art found all over NYC, Catherine designed these edgy White Gold Earrings and set them with 0.20 carat Black Diamonds.

mother diamond nameplate For the Cool Mom

“MOTHER,” you love them whether they’re yours or theirs…right? This statement, Tattoo Inspired Black Diamond Pendant will be perfect for her! Ready for pick up this week, it is handcrafted, set in White Gold with 0.45 carats of Black Diamonds and will hang around her neck from a 16” Fine Cable Chain like a delicate trophy!

Inquire about custom orders, alternative gem stones, and pricing.

Catherine Angiel
Catherine Angiel


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The difference between lab grown and natural diamonds
The difference between lab grown and natural diamonds

by Catherine Angiel June 16, 2017

Lab grown diamonds are considered authentic, and ecofriendly, with the same composition and structure of natural diamonds.  Scientist grow these stone in 8 short weeks, where it takes the earth millions of years for veins of rough to surface. 

While these stones are very close to natural diamonds in their characteristics and beauty, they are not the same as machines are able to distinguish which are natural and which are scientifically created.

As far as an investment; experts in the jewelry industry have doubts man made stones will go upward, because this is a new concept.  Similar to electronics, they feel in time the prices will go down once they become mass produced.

Moreover, natural diamonds make a positive impact in other countries, specifically Africa’s continent.  The diamond industry provides an honest livelihood, schools, medicine, and hospitals. 

Examples include Botswana who has one of the better medical systems in Africa. The Botswana government has many times said that if not for their diamond industry, the medical system would collapse.

The Kimberly act was created by the United Nations General Assembly, to establish requirements in the industry that controls rough production and trade. This has helped minimize the sourcing of unethical diamonds and has provided ethically sourced diamonds, and reduced the flow of conflict diamonds down to 1%.

Lastly, the diamond industry cares deeply about sourcing ethical diamonds, and ending the crisis in Sierra Leone.


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How to keep your jewelry in  pristine condition.

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You don't know what you have until it's gone 

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