6 Tips on Wedding Band Shopping

Finding the perfect wedding band can feel like a big task. Where do you start? You want to find something that compliments your engagement ring but that you can also wear alone. A band that will stand the test of time and be a strong symbol of your love with your partner for years to come. After 29 years of helping clients find their perfect wedding band, West Village jewelry designer Catherine Angiel shares her top tips.


1: Matching isn’t necessary

His and Hers Complimentary Wedding Bands

Some couples feel matching rings are mandatory; however it's common and acceptable to choose different styles. Many couple choose to match metals so there is a relationship between the two designs. Some hide a diamond inside the band too! There are many ways to make the rings feel connected without them matching.

2: Mixing metals

Metals wear and age differently over time, so it's best to choose a wedding band in the same metal as your engagement ring. Then the metals will have a similar appearance over time.

3: Order your bands in advance

With all the planning involved for a wedding, be sure to pick out your wedding bands at least 3 months in advance. Wedding rings are the most sentimental pieces of jewelry you will own, and it takes time to find one the suites your style. Ordering as soon as possible allows any adjustments to finger sizes that may be needed.  

4: Get your finger sized

Speaking of resizing, it’s wise to avoid the expense or stress and have your ring sized from a professional.  If you can’t get into a jewelry store, there are metal ring sizers sold online. We suggest sizing your finger in the morning and again in the evening, and see how your hands may expand. The proper size will be a gentle rocking motion over your knuckle when removing the sizer.

5: Consider mixing style

Oval Ring with Diamond Band

If you have a simple classic engagement ring, layer it with a diamond band!  It is a great look and won’t compete with each other.

6: Custom made bands

You are not limited in your choices. Dealing with an expert who specializes in custom work, we can make it exactly as you want it!  If you want your band to curve gently around your engagement ring, we can make it happen. Custom work does take longer so plan ahead and don’t leave this to the last minute,

We will work with you creating your perfect wedding bands that compliment your style, and your engagement ring!

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