Do Couples Still Match Their Wedding Bands?

by Catherine Angiel March 31, 2016

To match, or not to match: that is the big question

I've been selling couples engagement rings and wedding bands for over 2 decades, and the big question I often get is 'do couples match their bands today?'

Years ago the tradition was to purchase matching bands; one may have been the wider version of the other, but they were a set. Today wedding ring sets are less common, and the selection of designs are more vast than ever before. A wedding ring should express your own individual personality, however the bands are about the two of you and your unique love.  So here's how we put the romance into our clients' choices.

If your other half loves diamonds, and you're not a fan, we can hide a small stone under the band so it's your little secret. Other elements that can unite the bands together are accomplished through custom hand engraved detail, texture in the metal, and even in the metal color, such as rose gold.

So fear not, there are many ways to keep tradition alive in your own unique way that both you AND your partner will agree on and love!

Check out some unique wedding bands here!

Catherine Angiel
Catherine Angiel


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