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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her January 29 2016 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Be Mine!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about how you're going to treat that special someone. Whether they're edgy, traditional, or a mix of the two, our collection of jewelry has something for every personality.

Get in the Valentine's Day spirit with a rockin' mix of both white and black diamonds. Layering our XO necklace with initials tells a sweet story while adding dimension--not to mention a whole lot of bling!

black and white diamond necklace catherine angiel

Rose gold is a favorite among many, so say 'I love you' with something pretty and pink! Our LOVE necklace features champagne diamonds and is the perfect gift for the woman who adores feminine pieces. Delicate and detailed, this necklace also makes a great statement year-round, especially when wearing the popular New York City uniform--all black.

rose gold champagne diamond love necklace

If you're torn on the perfect piece, we're here to help! Visit our NYC gallery or find your sparkle at

Happy New Year! Let’s bring it in with a splash of Champagne Diamond Jewelry! December 31 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Talk about an edgy feminine statement piece… Anyone will want to wear this stunning wide filigree Champagne Diamond Band on every finger! This handcrafted Sterling Silver Band is set with 3.50 carats total weight Champagne Melee Diamonds in an intricate antique inspired design.

Get Personal This Holiday December 21 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

diamond initial pendant Tattoo Inspired Pendant

Making them feel like a Rock Star, your partner will love this NYC Graffiti inspired 1” initial Pendant designed by Catherine. Set with 0.20 carat of Grey Diamonds this pendant hangs from a 16” white gold Cable Chain.

Need Christmas delivery this week?

Although delivery is 4-6 weeks… call, place your order and we’ll email a photo of what’s to come as a very special stocking stuffer!

Our quality jewelry is proudly made with heart & soul in NYC.

diamond initial earrings Initial Stud Graffiti Inspired Earrings

Complimenting their Rock Star Pendant are these matching Initial Black Diamond Stud Earrings. Being moved by the wall art found all over NYC, Catherine designed these edgy White Gold Earrings and set them with 0.20 carat Black Diamonds.

Our quality jewelry is proudly made with heart & soul in NYC.
mother diamond nameplate For the Cool Mom

“MOTHER,” you love them whether they’re yours or theirs…right? This statement, Tattoo Inspired Black Diamond Pendant will be perfect for her! Ready for pick up this week, it is handcrafted, set in White Gold with 0.45 carats of Black Diamonds and will hang around her neck from a 16” Fine Cable Chain like a delicate trophy!

Our quality jewelry is proudly made with heart & soul in NYC.

Inquire about custom orders, alternative gem stones, and pricing.

Great Things Come in Pairs December 15 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

These Necklace-Earring sets are a combination of hard core rock and femininity. They’re Catherine Angiel’s personal suggestions this week that will make a special addition to any jewelry box!

Diamond crown necklace


Want your partner to feel regal? Then look no further. This majestic 18K Yellow Gold, Gothic-edgy Crown Pendant is set with 0.25ct White Diamonds and will appeal to the royalty in us all. It hangs from a 16” Yellow Gold and White Sapphire chain.
Gold crown earrings
The matching 14K Yellow Gold Gothic-edgy earring studs easily stand on their own or will complete this beautiful “Regal” set.

designer diamond necklace



This feminine Moroccan inspired 14K White Gold open flower necklace is set with 0.60ct White Diamonds and will accentuate the beauty of the wearer. It hangs from a 16” fine cable chain. One of Catherine Angiel’s new signature designs was created to evoke mystery in one's life.

designer diamond earrings

These open, dazzling 14K White Gold Moroccan inspired earrings are set with 0.60ct White Diamonds and were also designed to mirror its mysterious matching necklace dangling from her neck. Wearing these together she’ll feel like she is a queen!

Diamond initial pendant

A hip personized initial (each measuring approx. 1”) hanging around her neck will make her feel like one of a kind. But adding the fact that these fabulous custom designed “tattooed” inspired 14K Gold letters set with 0.30ct Diamonds are worn by the likes of superstars Madonna and the Divine Miss M will send her into the stratosphere. Dangling from a 16” fine cable chain this special pendant is great for day or night time wear. (Madonna is rocking a pair in her Ghosttown music video and in video screens of her current Rebel Heart World Tour.)

diamond initial earrings

Catherine Angiel’s signature 14K White Gold “Tattoo” inspired Initial Earrings encrusted with 0.20ct Black Diamonds are a celebrity’s favorite! Paired up with the necklace, she will always remember that you see her as a star too!

Call to inquire about custom orders, alternative gem stones, and pricing

The Perfect Gift for Him December 10 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

We know his tastes run unusual and he seems to have everything… But we are here to help with these selections from the Catherine Angiel jewelry line. He will treasure these fine gifts his holiday season.

Catherine has developed an unusual eclectic collection of men’s jewelry that will make him feel special with strong, bold aesthetics.

Take a look at these pieces and then, come in and handle them yourself. The heft alone will set them apart from other jewelry. Then you’ll be able to feel the difference these creative, masculine pieces could play in his life.

Black diamond cufflinks


These 14K White gold Cufflinks set with 0.15 carats of White Diamonds were inspired by medieval 15th century royalty. A perfect gift to make your special someone feel like a King!


Mens custom wedding band


This 6mm wide Gothic inspired hand crafted Wedding-Commitment Band is a unique and specially hand hammered for individual attention. No two are a like! Hand engraved saying INFINITY, they will suit all genders!

Fleur De Lis Bracelet

This 14K Yellow Gold, Fleur de Lis Seal is a signature piece of Catherine’s. Set in this heavy handmade Sterling Silver link bracelet, it is easily worn by both men and women, alone or stacked with other Catherine Angiel bracelets.

Come in and see it for yourself!

Cat's Holiday Picks: Rockin' Rose Gold December 02 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

This week Catherine’s Holiday Picks include these Rockin’ Rose Gold Charmers. If she is truly a romantic rocker this collection will be perfect for her. Take a look at these “Pretty in Pink” ideas and give us a call today.

Rose gold diamond V rings

V Ring

Victorious, Virtuous, Valuable, Vibrant, Vow… all reasons to gift Catherine Angiel’s signature Rose Gold V Ring set with 0.35ct of Champagne Diamonds. Perfect for the Feminine as well as the Rebellious!

Rose gold designer earrings

Large Rose Gold Retro Earrings

Has she always felt that she belonged in the 60’s? These statement 14K Rose Gold Retro Earrings are set with 0.20ct Diamonds will be perfect for her! A throwback directly from the 1960’s, these adorable earrings will collide with wearing a Go-Go dress & boots. It’ll make her feel like dancing!

Rose gold LOVE nameplate

Rose Gold Love Necklace

As part of Catherine’s Signature Diamond Collection this 14K Rose Gold, 16” LOVE Necklace is set with 0.10ct Diamonds. It was designed in a tattoo graffiti font and was inspired by NYC street art. It’s the perfect gift to say what you really mean.

Rocker Chic: Cat's Holiday Picks November 25 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Rocker Chic: Cat's Holiday Picks
Shop with Catherine Angiel this holiday season!

She is a jewelry designer with the mindset of a rocker herself. (Literally, Catherine was a NYC drummer in the 80’s underground rock scene. She played alongside some of the greatest musicians in history.) Her out-of-the-box designs will appeal to you and your mate. Catherine, a hard core New Yorker takes all of her designs to another level. One that satisfies everything but ordinary.

Her trend setting milieu is recognized by her peers, fashion stylists, celebrities and clientele as one of the most innovative jewelry designers of our time. Catherine can satisfy your most edgy itch.

Edgy Diamond Knuckle Ring
Nothing says "Don't mess with me" and "Come hither" at the same time quite like this hip knuckle ring. Centered with a Rose Cut Cognac Diamond and surrounded by a spray of  sparkling Black Diamonds totaling 1.40ct set in Sterling Silver. This ring is both trendy and unique at the same time. Your significant other will only make a statement of “classy hipness” wearing this winner!


Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Ancient Chinese folklore considered Natural Black Tahitian Pearls to be a symbol of wisdom created in the brains of dragons. Yes, you read right. They believed to wear one, a dragon had to be slayed. That is why this lustrous 10mm Black Pearl with undertones of purple and green beneath its shining black exterior is held in the clutches of a dragon’s talon. To counter this impressive symbol Catherine chose to hang it from a delicate 16” Rose Gold and White Sapphire Chain.  An excellent addition to your rocker's attire.

Diamond Spike Stud Earrings
They will see you coming from any angle while wearing these Edgy, Spike White Diamond Earrings. Carat weight totaling  0.65 set in 14K White Gold. Perfect for the punk rock enthusiast.

These earrings are also available with different gemstones.

Pyrite Bead Bracelet
Promoting a happy state of mind, Pyrite is a mineral that evokes images of fire and warmth. That is why Catherine incorporated this soft, wide cuff, 24 strand, faceted Pyrite beaded bracelet into her modern-vintage jewelry collection. Known as “healer’s gold” Pyrite is used as a gemstone for protection. Wears like a glove with its intricate tribal closure. Its length, metals and gemstones can all be customized. Let us know how you want it in time for a surprise holiday gift!

Put a Ring On It: What type of bride are you? November 20 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

You've found that special person, the love of your life, the one you want to be with forever. You've likely scoured small jewelry stores, some "big box" jewelers, maybe even skimmed a few pawn shops looking for an engagement ring as unique and special as the person who'll be wearing it. You don't want something plain and traditional, a boring emblem of your love. You want something edgy, current. You want something different.

But you haven't found it. What are you doing wrong?

Likely, you've been hunting for the wrong thing.

Stop looking for a piece of jewelry that says "We're engaged" and find finger candy that cries "No one else like this on earth!"

That's the kind of ring Catherine Angiel designs.

Catherine Angiel is not only a NYC jewelry designer, but also an out-of-the-box thinker who isn't afraid to offer up something that makes a statement.

Too many engagement rings are focused merely on the cut and size of the stone. Bling is best, and bigger is better, right? Well, sure, that's nice, but size and sparkle aren't everything, especially in today's fashion-forward world.

black diamond engagement ring

Edgy Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Colored diamonds are emerging as one of the most exciting components in fashionable diamond jewelry, color has turned into a huge statement maker.

Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, from crystal clear to deep black, and Catherine Angiel has created a stunning black diamond engagement ring that's sure to make your beloved's eyes pop.

The edgy hue of the large rose cut diamond is beautifully contrasted with the paleness of the white gold band, making it a fitting companion to any occasion and with any wardrobe. Wearing this ring only amplifies the truth that black and white will never go out of style.

It's all in the band. Gone are the days of a simple, plain band! Today's fashionistas are about "pop", texture, and dimension in everything from home decor to clothing to--you guessed it--jewelry.

Rose cut diamond tattoo engagement ring

Tattoo-Inspired Engagement Ring

Enter the tattoo ring. That's right: a ring with a band inspired by a tribal weave tattoo. The diamond is pristine yet humble, weighing in at a dainty .75 carats, and is the sideshow to the nontraditional artistry of the band. With its ebbs and flows of white gold, this ring's band speaks volumes of the character of the person wearing it. It says, "I'm sophisticated, but unordinary; in vogue, but non-traditional; youthful, but not naive."

Browse the rest of Catherine Angiel's line of engagement and statement rings and find the perfect piece to tell that special person in your life, "I love the one and only, unique YOU".

22 KickAss Years - Celebrating with Catherine Angiel November 12 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 1 Comment

Jewelry designer Catherine Angiel

We're turning 22! Come celebrate with us on Nov. 19th from 6PM-8PM with champagne and a one night only sale!

You won’t find a trend-setting, award winning jeweler in the New York City area as dedicated to style and diversity as Catherine Angiel. A native New Yorker who insists on incorporating the underbelly of her city in much that she designs has a flair for the edgy and unique that clients seek out.

“My vibe is all about breaking the rules; whether it’s in my music, my jewelry or my life, I've always been a renegade and that translates in my work.”

For 22 years, Catherine’s retail jewelry boutique, located in Greenwich Village, has been a destination to locals, Red Carpet A-Listers and international clients. She brings the “cool factor” into fine jewelry and in fact earned the prestigious “America’s Coolest Store” award in 2012.

Whether her clients are sophisticated, fierce or feminine, Catherine strives to accessorize them with jewelry that suits their individuality. She celebrates those differences with styles that can range from edgy to romantic to glamorous. These traits are exactly what sets her apart from other designers and is what makes Catherine Angiel a force to be reckoned with!

New to her store or a veteran, we extend an invitation to you! Catherine’s 22nd anniversary, in store celebration event will be on Thursday, November 19th.

Lush, Black Diamonds from Catherine Angiel November 03 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Black diamond cocktail ring

Edgy Black Diamond Cocktail Ring

They’re beautiful, unique and have a deep rich black hue: Black Diamonds. These black diamonds are among the more important gemstones that Catherine Angiel highlights in her fabulous and revered jewelry collections.

Loaded with black diamonds, Catherine Angiel's “Initial Jewelry” has been recognized for being edgy yet still feminine, and worn by stars around the globe. Black diamonds make a bold, confident fashion statement every time they are worn!

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado and have a mysterious history that is still being discussed today. Is is that these dark beauties are found in only 2 locations by happenstance, or were they discovered in the Central American Republic and Brazil because they fell from the skies in metiorites?

Black diamond necklace designed by Catherine Angiel

Unique Black Diamond Drop Necklace

Black diamonds are formed from carbon, like their cousin the white diamond. But the similarities stop there.

Instead of being formed from deep in the Earth as a single crystal, black diamonds are found near the surface of the Earth’s crust and are made up of millions of small crystals stuck together.

Black diamond bracelet designed by Catherine Angiel

Black Pave Diamond Link Bracelet

Because they are opaque and therefore absorb light rather than reflect it, the beauty of the black diamond lies on its surface. To enhance their solid black appearance, the majority of black diamonds found in jewelry today have been irradiated by a safe process to the wearer. Setting them apart from other gemstones, larger black diamonds have unique and sometimes fascinating white or gray inclusions.

Catherine selects her black diamonds with thought of what will most interest her sophisticated and unique client’s eye. She designs using these rare gemstones partly because she knows about the legendary mystic that black diamonds carries. In India they are touted as a special gem dedicated to a revered Indian God. They are also used in sacred statues of Buddha.

Like the legends indicate, Catherine Angiel agrees that no one less than royalty gets to adorn themselves with these remarkable gemstones. She feels her clients are indeed that royalty.

Black Diamond Dangle Earrings

Vintage Engagement Ring Inspired by the NYC Skyline October 26 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Vintage engagement ring designed by Catherine Angiel

Endless: Handmade Vintage Engagement Ring

The vows that a couple share when committing to one another comes from a long standing tradition. A wonderful way to symbolize this union is through the design that wraps around your finger.

Using the distinctive art form of hand carving, this beautiful ring was created by staying true to the elegant design and intricate detailed work created at the turn of the 20th century. Catherine Angiel takes great pride in its collections of simple, clean intrinsic beauty that carries this tradition on.

Catherine Angiel raises the bar with her wedding ring designs by integrating this romantic style with her love of the New York skyline.

"As a native New Yorker," says Catherine, "I'm constantly inspired by the architectural strength of the city. Details were carved with heart and soul, and I wanted to bring this art form into my work. This ring is one of my favorites. It's surrounded by intricate hand carved detail in both the basket and in the band, giving it a unique heirloom feel."

This feminine ring is a great illustration of Catherine Angiel’s conscious design motivation. From its 6 prong mounting, to its delicate filigree work that flows down the shank. In particular, this ring will resonate with clients looking for a style deeply immersed in the lifelong custom of commitment.

This ring from Catherine Angiel will be the prized possession of its wearer.

Vintage engagement rings by Catherine Angiel

Endless: Handcrafted Vintage Engagement Ring


Lush, Green Color with Green Amethyst October 14 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

You can experience the unique beauty and style of Green Amethyst at part of Catherine Angiel's "Raw" Collection. You may not have ever seen Green Amethyst, as its namesake is a switch on the standard purple or violet amethyst, but here's your chance!

Green Amethyst Necklace by Catherine Angiel

gothic fleur de lis necklace

Green Amethyst is most accurately called Prasiolite by gemologists. Prasiolite is created from a special quartz mostly located in the Montezuma deposits in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is altered from Amethyst or yellowish green color quartz by a combination of heat treatments and ionizing radiation.

It creates a beautiful light watery green color. Neither treatment makes the stone harmful to wear, only to enhance its beauty. When the stone is a cabochon, its natural inclusions are accentuated and almost magnified giving the wearer an unusual centerpiece to show off.

Taken from the Greek word meaning “leek-green,” this stone is a cool and crisp green member of the quartz family. Because of how it is created, this delicate hue can lighten over time when exposed to too much sunlight. It makes Green Amethyst a perfect complement to wear with your evening attire surrounded by diamonds.

Metaphysical lore gives Green Amethyst a powerful story. It keeps connections to the heart open while clearing disharmony and opening the wearer to love and compassion. It has the ability to transform negative energy to positive and balances the body along the way.

We at Catherine Angiel appreciate the effect that Green Amethyst creates while centered in our favorite jewelry. And the fact that the lore of this ethereal looking stone helps gain courage, foster self-reliance and attract abundance to the life of its recipient makes it that much more important.

Catherine selects and designs around important Green Amethyst cabochons because their beauty speaks to her. The fact that this stone can also empower her clients through their lives is the cherry on top!

Warm Rose Gold Jewelry for the Crisp Autumn Bluster October 05 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

The autumn leaves are tumbling from the trees and it’s time for scarves and hats, comfy coats and tall boots. As the wardrobe changes, so does the jewelry selection for the season. Set aside the the playful summer designs and add the more elegant pieces of fall, combining warm rose gold with cooler accents of grey pearls and shimmering diamonds.

NYC designer Catherine Angiel has a wealth of options for the new season. For rings, the warm rose gold of autumn allows many beautiful combinations with precious stones and diamonds. Catherine Angiel has created and crafted gorgeous rings for all women of all tastes and preferences. Her Rose Gold Pearl Ring is available is both 14 karat and 18 karat and combines the luster of a single Tahitian pearl with a lively bouquet of grey briolette cut diamonds. A lovely gift for a woman with poise, this ring will sparkle in the crisp autumn sunshine.Rose Gold Pearl Ring
For something with a more powerful statement, consider Catherine Angiel’s full finger ring in rose gold studded with warm sparkling champagne diamonds.

This ring is an inch wide and will add luster and glam to any lucky hand. The array of tiny diamonds accentuate the graceful, curving design of the ring’s elements.

The winds of autumn love to make long earrings dangle and glitter. Mimic the falling leaves and plump pumpkins with warm rose gold designs from Catherine Angiel’s extensive collection of elegant pieces.

Her Pink Gold Delicate Drop Earrings are as lovely as they are versatile.

Pink Gold Delicate Drop Earrings

Available in 14 karat and 18 karat gold, these simple yet graceful earrings accentuated with champagne diamonds lend themselves to any style and any situation.

For a bold statement, Catherine Angiel’s Modern Rose Gold Earring design is both sassy and trendy.

Rose gold designer earrings

A simple circle of champagne diamonds leads to a larger circle of warm rose gold in this fun pair of earrings. For autumn birthdays and anniversaries, these make a lovely and memorable gift.

Catherine Angiel’s Rose Gold Solitaire Diamond Necklace combines the coolness of a rose cut diamond with the warmth of high quality rose gold for an understated yet alluring piece.

Rose gold diamond necklace

This design is available in 14 karat, 18 karat and platinum with options for color of gold as well. It will add a delicate accent to formal or casual wear and works with a variety of fashion styles and preferences.

Colder weather doesn’t mean less opportunities to wear jewelry. Instead, it means choosing the right pieces for the changing atmosphere and the emotion of the season. Before the real cold hits this winter, find warm rose gold jewelry pieces to add to the collection that matches the wardrobe.

NYC Designer Catherine Angiel has many more rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to choose from as well as special pieces for anniversaries, engagements and other occasions worth marking with a gift.

Grey Diamonds - Alluring, Rare, and Perfect for Autumn September 17 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments


Subtle and elegant Grey diamonds have been permeating Catherine Angiel’s jewelry designs for the past few years. These diamonds vary in size, shape and their color can range from light grey all the way to blue grey in a flash. Qualities like this make them a perfect addition to any sophisticated jewelry box.

Catherine herself enjoys the lesser contrast between this fairly rare colored diamond and the more popular white metals of gold and platinum. Grey diamonds populate our planet because of their concentration of hydrogen in the earth where they form. Although they don’t hold the top value like the colorless diamond it is mostly because they are still emerging as to the general public.

Cut into all shapes, the Grey diamond speaks with a softer and gentler word for the diamond aficionados. “That is its beauty” says Catherine. Whether it is used as a center stone or accents around another stone, she enjoys the creative process of designing with the Grey diamond.

Grey diamond rings by Catherine Angiel

Catherine finds her New York City clientele always interested in a more understated look with their jewelry. Grey diamonds fill that bill. And, because today’s jewelry buyer wants a more unique choice that expresses their individuality, Catherine invites her existing and new clients to consider including these beautiful and more unusual diamonds for their individual bridal choice.

Whether you are looking for that significant piece of jewelry to represent your life or want a non-traditional daily wear, the Grey diamond is a wonderful choice that will set you apart and make you feel special!

New York Fashion Week 2015 | Hottest Trends September 12 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Models, Designers, and Fashion, Oh My!

It's the most wonderful time of the year- New York Fashion Week!

Hosted by Mercedez-Benz since 2009, New York kicks off the season from September 10th -17th, then the festivities continue to London, Milan, and last to Paris.

 World-renowned designers such as Calvin Klein, Dennis  Basso, Jeremy Scott, and Rebbecca Minkoff, just to name a few, will be debuting their new collections-but we cant help but be excited to see what some of the new up-and-comers are going to bring to the table.

One designer we've got our eye on is Brandon Maxwell, the mastermind behind the famous meat dress worn by Lady Gaga, as well as many of her other extravagant outfits. His debut collection is said to reflect his love of powerful silhouettes and powerful women with classic elegance, which is right up our alley! Brandon's collection will be shown September 14th and we can't wait! Even the New York Times is in on this hot new designer! The newspaper published an article about Brandon just a few short days ago!

Just three days in and we've been extremely impressed with the collections that have graced the runways and preshows- so much in fact that we decided to pair some of Catherine Angiel's signature pieces with our favorite looks!

Here are our top 3 favorite looks paired with some of our favorite Catherine Angiel jewelry:

   Fashion weeks jewelry picksHot jewelry trends for fashion week  Fashion weeks jewelry trends

Left: Designer brand Ada + Nik paired with some simple, rustic, gold pieces that add glamour while keeping the look casual. 

Middle: Designer Faith Connexion's pre-show piece paired with some of our more edgy statement pieces like our signature diamond love band.

Right: Designer Marchesa's pre-show piece paired with some of our favorite romantic, vintage-inspired, rose gold pieces.

Fashion Week is a great time to discover new trends, learn about designers, and find inspiration. But we love finding out fun facts too. Did you know the first Fashion Week was held in 1943? During the time, World War II prevented fashion journalists and designers from going to France, like they had done in the past, for inspiration. America’s fashion industry decided to take matters into their own hands and created “Press Week” to showcase their own designs and fashion, rather than rely on France! Since then Press Week has been re-named Fashion Week, but today it's essentially the same as that week back in 1943. (Except for that fact that it's now known around the world, of course!)

This global show never fails to disappoint. With the gorgeous designs that have hit the runway so far in mind, we can't wait to see to see what else Fashion Week has in store for us this year! To find out more about NY Fashion Week, the designers, find schedules, or watch shows live, go to


Catherine Angiel's Initial Collection, Loved by Madonna and Bette August 18 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

 You can get the celebrity treatment by adorning yourself with the Initial Collection from Catherine Angiel.  These pieces are the perfect way to celebrate identity and self-expression.

Inspired by graffiti style and tattoos, this unique collection is wearable art.  Every one of these pieces, from necklaces and pendants to earrings, is handcrafted here in New York City but have been seen all around the world.
 Pop superstar Madonna wears her own set of "M" earrings in the post-apocalyptic music video for Ghosttown, her single from her platinum album Rebel Heart.  You can see them throughout the video, dazzling viewers in the clip.  Madonna also owns the matching "M" necklace in stunning black diamonds, in this signature style.

Madonna's daughter, clothing designer and fashionista Lourdes Maria "Lola" Ciccone Leon has her own "L" necklace, which was a gift from Mom.

Catherine Angiel Jewelry on Madonna
Madonna's M earrings, seen in GHOSTTOWN

The diamonds used for the Initial Collection are a gorgeous assortment of cool black, grey, and white diamonds, set against your choice of white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold.

Legendary musician and actress Bette Midler, currently on tour, wears her very own fabulous rose gold "B" necklace, set with white diamonds.  

We are extremely honored to have these strong, resilient women as part of the Initial Collection's fanbase. You are welcome to join this rock star family by owning your own piece from this exciting, edgy line of fine jewelry.


Unique initial jewelry by Catherine Angiel

The Initial Collection's stunning pendants, seen in black, grey, and white diamonds and white gold.
Yellow gold and rose gold are also available.Jewelry celebrities wear
The famous "M" earrings in black diamond, as seen in Madonna's GHOSTTOWN video

celebrity jewelry
The Divine Miss M's "B" in white diamonds and white gold, Bette Midler's gorgeous pendant

Jewelry on celebrities
A candid shot of Lola Leon, Madonna's chic daughter, sporting her "L" pendant in rose gold and white diamonds

Madonnas M diamond necklace
The "M" pendant seen here in white diamond and white gold; Madonna has her own in black diamonds

What a Gem: What to Know About Sunstone July 22 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Here comes the sun(stone)

If you want baubles that sparkle as bright as the sun, look no further than sunstone. Sunstone, a distinctive gemstone and a plagioclase feldspar mineral, exhibits a brilliant spangled glow that will add the perfect sunny sparkle-and-shine to your jewelry box. Little known in the United States until the early 1900s, when an abundant sunstone field was found in an ancient lava desert in Oregon, sunstone encourages independence, leadership, and originality in its wearer. 


Orange Sunstone

(Image via Gemological Institute of America)

How did these three qualities become synonymous with sunstone? The gem's history stretches much further than its commercial popularity. Native American legend states that a great warrior's blood, wounded by an arrow during battle, dropped onto pieces of sunstone; his spirit, carried by his blood, permeated the stones and transferred his extraordinary qualities to them. 


Catherine Angiel Intricate Sunstone Rings

Catherine Angiel Intricate Sunstone Rings

As such, sunstone is typically found in orange, red, and yellow hues. The rarest types of sunstone – dark blue and green in color – are hard to come by; sunstone's origin, at the foot of basaltic volcanoes, gives it a distinctive yet subtle bronzed glow that is highly sought after by jewelers and customers alike. 


Blue-Green Sunstone

(Image via Gemological Institute of America) 

Sunstone is also used in crystal healing for a multitude of purposes – general health, physical energy, phobias, and stress-related illnesses. Just wearing sunstone on your finger or around your neck or wrist can help to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. In healing, sunstone is associated with the sacral chakra, which helps its wearer to experience life fully through feeling and sensation and, thus, allows him or her to – literally! – live life to the fullest.

Summer Weddings and What to Wear July 09 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Pairing your baubles with the dress

The midst of wedding season coincides with the midst of summer's dead heat. As the temperature rises, your main fashion focus is staying cool – not standing out. Lucky for you, that’s where fine jewelry comes in! Sparkly, one-of-a-kind custom pieces can personalize your outfit without adding an extra layer of clothing (or sweat!). Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, your outfit for the big day is never complete without a little something you to complement your something new. Our four favorite bridal picks have you covered all the way to the altar (and beyond!).


Our delicate, diamond-encrusted Moroccan flower necklace is the new black – it goes with anything! A gorgeous topper to your wedding gown or a unique memento gift for your bridal party, its custom design lends itself seamlessly to versatility. Inspired by vibrant, unique Moroccan prints and patterns, the necklace will go straight from your wedding day wardrobe to your everyday wardrobe.


Even if you already have a ring on that finger, don’t forget about the other four! Add a few simple diamond (or black diamond) stacking bands and a rose gold midi ring to your hand to stay on top of the latest jewelry trend (multi-layered rings have recently been worn by Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and J.Lo, so you’re in good company!). The one-of-a-kind rings are perfect for adding a boho twist to a bridesmaid dress, or upping the edge on an alternative-style bridal gown.


The perfect date for any wedding is a custom Catherine Angiel bracelet on your arm. With our delicate, handcrafted pyrite bracelet, you’ll never have to worry about blending into the crowd! Pyrite has been used in jewelry-making for centuries, reaching the height of its popularity during the Victorian era (and making it the perfect fit for a vintage-style bride). The 24 strands of faceted beads close around your wrist with the help of Cat’s custom, intricate sterling silver tribal closure lock. The fine-but-fierce pyrite bracelet blends the traditionalism of older times with the modernity of today and, just like you, it never goes out of style.


Don’t worry – we didn’t forget the dudes! Spice up your suit by picking up a pair of our unique black diamond cufflinks. Cat’s signature cross is constructed with dazzling black diamonds that contrast beautifully with the cufflinks’ white gold seal-style backing; they’re the perfect complement to any suit or tux. Inspired by the jewelry of 15th century royalty, the custom cufflinks make a great gift for your groomsmen or an awesome accessory for your ushers. They’re also a celebrity favorite; Ethan Hawke wore his own personal pair to this year’s Golden Globes!


Which piece will you be picking up for wedding season? Tell us in the comments.

NYC Pride Week 2015 June 25 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Greenwich Village History 

Greenwich Village has a long history as a battleground for gay rights; it was the site of 1969’s Stonewall Riots and 1970’s succeeding inaugural Christopher Street Pride March. Today, more than 40 years after its inception right here in Greenwich, New York City’s Pride Week and Pride March continue to be a triumphant tradition of taking pride and rejoicing in the LGBT community. Every summer, we are proud to celebrate the weeklong festivities along with the rest of the city.

Catherine is a long-time advocate for equality and for same-sex marriage. When she opened her store in Greenwich Village in 1993, she wanted all of her customers to feel proud of and to celebrate their commitment to each other. Determined to create a safe haven for her gay customers, Cat knew there needed to be an official, special name for same-sex couples’ rings; their unions were just as sacred and loving as those who could legally marry – and they were just as committed to each other for life. Thus, she coined the term “commitment band” for the rings, which soon became – and which still remains – a globally utilized term.

However, Cat wasn’t finished being a crusader for gay rights on both the national and international stages. During the summer of 1993, she was on the cover of Newsweek’s groundbreaking “Lesbians: Coming Out Strong” issue. The lead article, entitled “The Power And The Pride,” broke the barriers surrounding homosexuality in the media and gave a face to whom the article called the “invisible homosexual” – the lesbian. The issue inspired global conversation regarding the treatment of homosexuality in society and in the media.


Today, Cat continues to push boundaries and to be proud of who she is. Her custom, badass “Dangerous” fine jewelry collection includes a tattoo-inspired “Queer” necklace; she has designed a myriad of unique, custom commitment bands for same-sex couples (which, after SCOTUS' affirmative ruling on gay marriage on June 26, can now serve as wedding bands!).  Cat’s designs are personal to each customer; her pieces help every individual to celebrate their own unique identity.

Happy Pride, NYC!


How are you celebrating Pride? Tell us in the comments.

Edgy tattoo initials swarming NYC June 22 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Be a total badass 

You’ve seen them on Madonna, her daughter, Lourdes, and The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler – now get personal with your own badass custom initial-letter necklace, hot off Cat’s design desk! Inspired by tattoo- and tribal-style graffiti writing, the diamond-encrusted letter necklaces pack a sexy-meets-chic punch that will give a unique edge to even the simplest of your outfits.


Don’t just say it with diamonds – make a statement. The personalized pendant necklaces, each adorned with unique black or gray diamonds, make a statement and then some! The pieces are custom-made to complement your one-of-a-kind, unique style; finally, your jewelry can be as much of an individual as you are. 


The personalized “Dangerous” letter collection is sexy, sparkly, and a stand-out addition to your jewelry box. Let your necklace do the talking by pairing up the pendants (as shown above) with a word or message. Looking to spread the love? “XO”! Feeling badass? “BAD”! There are no limits to the mixes and matches you can make with a personalized “Dangerous” letter pendant or necklace in your arsenal.

Which letter(s) will you be sporting this summer? Tell us in the comments. 

Celebrity bling on the streets of NY June 15 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Lourdes Leon, like mother like daughter

Catherine Angiel’s customizable, diamond-encrusted initial necklace is proving to be the hottest jewelry item of the NYC summer! Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, was spotted out in Soho this weekend wearing Cat's tribal-graffiti-inspired piece (in “L,” rose gold).

Lourdes put her own cool-girl-chic spin on the piece by pairing it with a multitude of mixed-metal necklaces, a graphic tee, and a gray skirt. Superb style runs in the family; Mama Madonna owns Catherine's black diamond "M" earrings from the same collection – and she wore them in her recent "Ghosttown" music video!

Even if you weren't lucky enough to be descended from the original pop princess (and, let's be real, most of us weren't!), don't let it prevent you from staying in rhythm with sensational style. Stop into 43 Greenwich Avenue and get personal with an initial necklace of your own!

NYC is hot and so are the jewelry trends June 10 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

What to wear this summer

With only eleven days left until the summer solstice (mark your calendars – it falls on June 21), it’s time to peel off the warm winter layers and to put on some hot summer jewelry. We’ve handpicked a few of our favorite summer selections to help you start your summer off the right way – in style.

Full finger rings aren’t for the faint of heart, but even the shyest of wallflowers will find herself shining in our champagne diamond full finger ring. The intricate, shield-style floral design paired with delicate, champagne-colored diamonds will have you ready to pop open a bottle of your favorite rosé and hit the beach.

Neither your jewelry nor your worries should weigh you down this summer, so choose light-but-bright pieces that allow for maximum movement (what edgy-chic chick isn’t ready to bust a move at the first signs of her favorite song?). Our diamond hoop earrings are the perfect complement to your halter-tops, short-shorts, or sundresses. No matter what adventures you find this summer, these hoops won’t cramp your style; they’ll perfect it.


Whether you’re queen of the beach volleyball court or princess of the pool, make this summer a royal flush – not a royal bust. Our gold crown stud earrings are perfect for dressing up your favorite pair of jeans on Friday afternoon or spicing up your little black dress on Saturday night (not to mention, they make the perfect golden pair with your golden summer tan!). Before long, Kate Middleton will be taking style tips from you.

It takes courage to brave the sky-high New York City summer temperatures; wear your nerve around your neck with our kanji courage symbol necklace. With a unique and intricate orange sapphire chain paired with an orange diamond encrusted pendant, you’ll be a fierce warrior of style all throughout the summer – and beyond.

Madonna "Ghosttown" Jewelry by local NYC Artist April 10 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

The Queen of Pop

With the long awaited release of Madonna’s video “Ghosttown,” we were on the edge of our seats to see what the Queen of Pop had up her sleeve. And as usual, Madonna did not disappoint. This visually stunning video, directed by the talented Jonas Akerlaund, proved to naysayers and longtime fans that Madonna’s still got it; and Catherine Angiel couldn’t be more grateful that the jewelry Madonna selected was hers.
Throughout the post-apocalyptic love song, Madonna prominently wears many of Catherine Angiel’s signature black diamond pieces; including her ‘M’ initial earrings, dagger necklace, rosary necklace and nail cross necklace.
Madonna is known to push the boundaries with her avant-garde style, which makes for the perfect partnership with Catherine Angiel’s innovative signature edgy designs. We can’t wait to see what else Madonna has in store.

Madonna iHeartRadio Awards Jewelry April 02 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

You Go Girl

During Sunday’s iHeartRadio Awards, Madonna came out to present Taylor Swift with the Artist of the Year Award, sporting NYC jewelry artisan Catherine Angiel’s Signature Rosary Diamond necklace.
Madonna is definitely no stranger to Avant Garde statement pieces and such are the creations of rock drummer turned jewelry designer, Catherine Angiel. 
Madonna is not one to produce boring music the same way Angiel just cannot make unexciting piece of jewelry.
Both women are renegades that pushed through boundaries in their industries and remained true to their vision.  It is a perfect pairing and was an honor for Catherine.
Catherine Angiel looks back at the night when she went to see one of Madonna’s earliest shows and thought how exciting it would be for Madonna to wear one of her creations……
2 decades later that dream came true.

Red Carpet Looks 2015 February 23 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Red carpet trends

Award season means jaw dropping dresses gracing the red carpet. But the men deserve some attention too! Personal friend and client, Ethan Hawke, looked so dapper in his Dior tux and his favorite signature Catherine Angiel black diamond cross seal cufflinks at the Golden Globes. 


Each year, The Academy brings together Hollywood’s A-list celebrities for a night at the The Oscars. And every year, the celebrities grace the red carpet with drop dead gorgeous dresses and their beautiful jewels. This year was no exception! See some of our favorite red carpet looks from The Oscars paired with Catherine Angiel designs.


Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her January 29 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Fiery Passion

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.Does she have your heart? Give her the best of yours with a black diamond heart necklace from Catherine Angiel this Valentine’s Day!

Artisan Jewelry Creations | Hot New Trends January 14 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Jewelry that's perfect both day & night 

Do you need a necklace that can go with you straight from work to a night out on the town? Fine jewelry like that is hard to come by--but with Catherine Angiel's collection of Moroccan diamond necklaces, you can easily achieve that sought after day to night look!

Rainbow moonstones are coming out strong December 21 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

As unique as you are 

Nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like our signature, hand carved rose gold rainbow moonstone ring. Rainbow moonstone is an enchanting gem. With mysterious shimmer, the stone always looks different in new light. Enchant her holiday with the gift of mystery. 

Unique Holiday Gifts for Him December 17 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Make 'Em Sweat

While everyone else at the office will be reluctant to show off their holiday gifts, make sure he's proud of his bling! Give them something to talk about at the water cooler by buying the guy in your life these signature Catherine's Angiel, black diamond cuff links. As far as he's concerned, no one else got any gifts.


Hot Holiday Gifts | Rose Gold Earrings December 15 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

The Lady Who Has Everything

Not sure what to buy your lady who has everything this holiday season? Check out Catherine Angiel's unique jewelry designs. From the ever trending rose gold to bold and unique black diamonds. Take her breath away this holiday!


Hot Holiday Gift Ideas December 12 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

The Little Black Box

Why be mainstream when your cocktail ring can outshine anything in that little blue box? "This I take it wasn't bought at Tiffany's?" Damn straight! But it wasn't from a cracker jack box either Give your honey the gift of her dreams in the little black box. Shop Catherine Angiel this holiday season.



Unique Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays December 04 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Pearls are a Lady's Best Friend

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but pearls are a lady's best accessory. This holiday, give her the gift that combines the two best gems a woman can ask for. This Catherine Angiel signature pearl bracelet with black pave diamonds would've been Audrey Hepburn's first choice. Breakfast at Catherine Angiel's please!

Unique Grey Diamond Engagement Ring November 19 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

For the unique bride

This grey rose cut diamond ring is as unique as she is. A rare, gorgeous beauty that reflects the individuality of the bride-to-be who wears it, the grey diamond ring is a perfect option for non-traditional couples.
A 3.56-carat grey diamond stands out in a muted 18-karat white gold band. A breathtaking, unique design is the perfect way to draw the right attention after popping that all-important question.
Start the journey to the aisle off right by giving a unique grey diamond engagement ring that she will be dying to show off to all of her friends. The generous gem gets people talking when their eyes are drawn to the eye-popping diamond in a color that even the most dedicated jewelry aficionados are likely to have never seen before.
Let the jewelry do the talking by pulling the trigger on a dazzling diamond that is as rare as it is beautiful.


Vintage Engagement Rings NYC | Best Designs August 23 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

There's something so special and sentimental about proposing to the love of your life with an engagement ring that's been in your family for generations.

But for people who aren't fortunate to inherit that piece and want to have that authentic vintage look, where do they turn?

Catherine Angiel's vintage bridal collection will immediately transport you back to that 1920's era. Each ring is handmade, with intricate beading and filigree detail to give you that graceful, romantic estate look for you to start a tradition of your own for generations to come!


Vintage Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Vintage Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Alternative Bridal Jewelry | Rings for Unique Brides August 23 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

With all of the flash jewelry trends out there today, Catherine Angiel takes it one step further, by incorporating tattoos styles into her exclusive alternative bridal collection.

Perfect for that non-traditional couple with edge who want to make that commitment to each other without the pain of going under the needle!

 Vine Wedding Band

Diamond Braided Engagement Ring

Custom Engraved Hammered Band

Intricate Diamond Vine Band

Morganite the Newly Discovered Gem July 25 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Raw and feminine 

An engagement ring is supposed to sweep the receptor off of their feet, while also providing them with a meaningful token of love that will last for an eternity. If you have found the perfect setting and you are looking to put a little more meaning into your engagement ring, consider using a morganite for the center stone, as opposed to the more traditional diamond!

Morganite is a gem named for J.P. Morgan, a financier and a gem-enthusiast. The stone is known to bring healing, compassion, assurance, and promise, making this perfect to place inside of a ring for your other half. Morganite is said to attract one’s soulmate or bring a couple that is already in a relationship even deeper into their love. In addition to these loving properties, morganite reduces stress in those who wear it, especially if it is worn for a long time. 

The pink hue of morganite evokes a very romantic feeling. The warmth of the rose gold and the pink of the morganite creates a unique style that your significant other will absolutely love!!