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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her January 29 2016 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Be Mine!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about how you're going to treat that special someone. Whether they're edgy, traditional, or a mix of the two, our collection of jewelry has something for every personality.

Get in the Valentine's Day spirit with a rockin' mix of both white and black diamonds. Layering our XO necklace with initials tells a sweet story while adding dimension--not to mention a whole lot of bling!

black and white diamond necklace catherine angiel

Rose gold is a favorite among many, so say 'I love you' with something pretty and pink! Our LOVE necklace features champagne diamonds and is the perfect gift for the woman who adores feminine pieces. Delicate and detailed, this necklace also makes a great statement year-round, especially when wearing the popular New York City uniform--all black.

rose gold champagne diamond love necklace

If you're torn on the perfect piece, we're here to help! Visit our NYC gallery or find your sparkle at

Lush, Black Diamonds from Catherine Angiel November 03 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Black diamond cocktail ring

Edgy Black Diamond Cocktail Ring

They’re beautiful, unique and have a deep rich black hue: Black Diamonds. These black diamonds are among the more important gemstones that Catherine Angiel highlights in her fabulous and revered jewelry collections.

Loaded with black diamonds, Catherine Angiel's “Initial Jewelry” has been recognized for being edgy yet still feminine, and worn by stars around the globe. Black diamonds make a bold, confident fashion statement every time they are worn!

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado and have a mysterious history that is still being discussed today. Is is that these dark beauties are found in only 2 locations by happenstance, or were they discovered in the Central American Republic and Brazil because they fell from the skies in metiorites?

Black diamond necklace designed by Catherine Angiel

Unique Black Diamond Drop Necklace

Black diamonds are formed from carbon, like their cousin the white diamond. But the similarities stop there.

Instead of being formed from deep in the Earth as a single crystal, black diamonds are found near the surface of the Earth’s crust and are made up of millions of small crystals stuck together.

Black diamond bracelet designed by Catherine Angiel

Black Pave Diamond Link Bracelet

Because they are opaque and therefore absorb light rather than reflect it, the beauty of the black diamond lies on its surface. To enhance their solid black appearance, the majority of black diamonds found in jewelry today have been irradiated by a safe process to the wearer. Setting them apart from other gemstones, larger black diamonds have unique and sometimes fascinating white or gray inclusions.

Catherine selects her black diamonds with thought of what will most interest her sophisticated and unique client’s eye. She designs using these rare gemstones partly because she knows about the legendary mystic that black diamonds carries. In India they are touted as a special gem dedicated to a revered Indian God. They are also used in sacred statues of Buddha.

Like the legends indicate, Catherine Angiel agrees that no one less than royalty gets to adorn themselves with these remarkable gemstones. She feels her clients are indeed that royalty.

Black Diamond Dangle Earrings

Valentine's Day Jewelry NYC | Best Gift Ideas February 01 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Love is in the air!

Why not celebrate with gorgeous black diamonds?



These beautifully handcrafted black diamond cross drop earrings are unique and edgy.



This delicately handcrafted black diamond teardrop necklace is feminine with a modern twist!






Hot Necklace Designs December 21 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Black Diamond Necklaces are forever!

This White Gold and Black Diamond Drop Lariat Necklace makes for a fabulous, sensual statement piece. Perfect for everyday and evening wear. Simple yet unique, drop is a briolette diamond.

black diamond briolette necklace

Ancient stones make a come back December 15 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Inspired by the Roaring 20's, this fun, glam and decadent antique cut, Black Briolette Diamond Necklace goes well with any outfit this season!

black diamond briolette necklace