The Success of Virtual Appointments with Catherine Angiel

Catherine Angiel has been designing unique jewelry and vintage inspired engagement rings in the West Village for over 26 years. So when it was no longer business as usual, Catherine decided quickly to shift her focus to being virtually accessible to her clients. The engagement ring experience at Catherine Angiel's atelier has long been a tactile one. The designer loves to select the perfect diamonds for her clients and have in-store appointments to guide them through the design process. The challenge that presented itself was how to translate that experience over Zoom or FaceTime. 


Catherine Angiel Virtual Appointment

Check out this interview with the designer herself examining her surmounting success conducting business virtually and how she plans to continue to incorporate it going forward into the second half of 2020. 

Q: How have you managed to mimic the experience your clients have with you in-store to virtual mediums?

Catherine: It's all about the conversation. I really care about my clients and connecting with them on a personal level is important to me. In that case, it really hasn't been that different. The real challenge has been showing the amazing quality of our diamonds and designs over FaceTime. I've found that taking photos and videos of the products beforehand, sending them to the client, and then guiding them through the viewing process really mimics how I usually conduct my appointments in person. The response has been pretty incredible. 

Q: Now that you're open again, will you continue virtual appointments going forward?

Catherine: Oh absolutely. We have a lot of clients who live out of state, so being able to connect with them virtually has been really wonderful. After we had such an overwhelmingly positive response to the virtual appointments, we are definitely going to keep offering them going forward. 

Q: What has been the biggest obstacle with virtual appointments?

Catherine: Honestly, fitting them all in! ha ha We're doing everything we can to make the virtual experience more and more effortless for our clients. 

Q: Do you find that people can really get a good idea of the diamonds over Zoom or FaceTime?

Catherine: It's all about the other means with which you communicate and showcase the diamonds outside of Zoom. We have great photo and video assets so I make sure to share those with the client before we hop on the call. Capturing diamonds digitally is difficult but we've managed to do a fantastic job at it and it shows. 

Catherine is offering both virtual and in-store design and diamond appointments. Email to schedule your appointment today!