Love Conquers All. Engagement Ring Trends in 2020

Love conquers all!

You've found your dream partner, now what should your dream ring look like? We're delving into what the top engagement ring trends are shaping up to be for 2020 from revisiting the classics to new and innovative designs. We rounded up our favorite, most-requested engagement ring designs so far this year and are hitting you with the highlights. So go ahead and pin them to your secret Pinterest board; your secret is safe with us. 

1. Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold Oval Diamond Ring

It's back with a bang. For a while yellow gold was dated; a look from our mother's era. Then white gold and platinum was all the rage for a while. Modern, sleek, and seamless when paired with white diamonds, it was the color of choice for modern brides in the 2010's. But as with most fashion trends, everything comes back around. Brides are paying less attention to metal color trends and putting more stock in what looks good with their skin tone. Seems obvious, we know, but it wasn't always that way. They key to making yellow gold look modern is choosing a setting that brings you firmly into the 21st century. This delicate, thin yellow gold band supports a hidden halo underneath a stunning oval diamond. Check out a more detailed view here

2. Non-traditional

 Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

Sapphires, grey diamonds, emeralds, and black diamonds are all hot center stone trends in the new decade. "I've seen a huge movement towards the non-traditional," said Catherine Angiel jewelry designer in the West Village since 1993. "Brides want something more unique and interesting than the round solitaire everyone else has. Black diamonds symbolize strength and grey diamonds are very rare which make them special center stones to use in engagement rings. I've even done some emerald and sapphire engagement rings recently for clients. Use your imagination." - Catherine Angiel

This can even be more cost effective than springing for a diamond. The most important thing is to find a jeweler that will source the precious stone or colored diamond especially for you. That way you're getting exactly what you want and not settling for stock. It's a once in a lifetime purchase; it should be special and unique to you. For more information on diamond and stone appointments, email Catherine Angiel here. 

3. Unique Diamond Shapes

Marquis Diamond Solitaire Ring

Marquise and pear shaped diamonds are back and hotter than ever. Just like with yellow gold, this is a trend that was popular between 1960 and 1980 and has had a huge resurgence as of late. However, this also means that they're more difficult to get your hands on. Demand has been low, so supply has dropped to match that. Now that they're having a surge in popularity, they're difficult to find. Find the right jeweler that will source a good stone according to your budget and not push you back towards a more accessible cut just to make a sale. 

4. Vintage Inspired Designs

Vintage Inspired Diamond Rings

More ornate, vintage inspired designs are also making a comeback in this new decade. Filigree, first originating in the Edwardian era, is the intricate, carved detailing that gives a regal feel to a piece of jewelry. Floral and geometric designs also contribute to fantastic vintage inspired pieces that will stand the test of time. 

5. Non-Traditional Statement Bands

Statement Band Engagement Rings

For the people who don't want a traditional engagement ring at all, there has been a movement in popularity towards using statement bands as engagement rings. "We do a lot of band engagement rings for LGBTQ couples AND straight couples who want something non-traditional to represent their love story. That could include colored precious stone bands or a 5 stone rose cut diamond band in a vintage inspired setting. I love creating something specific and unique to each couple that walks in the door," Catherine Angiel. 


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