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Alternative Bridal Jewelry | Rings for Unique Brides August 23 2014, 0 Comments

With all of the flash jewelry trends out there today, Catherine Angiel takes it one step further, by incorporating tattoos styles into her exclusive alternative bridal collection.

Perfect for that non-traditional couple with edge who want to make that commitment to each other without the pain of going under the needle!

 Vine Wedding Band

Diamond Braided Engagement Ring

Custom Engraved Hammered Band

Intricate Diamond Vine Band

Vintage Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Ring NYC July 25 2014, 0 Comments

An engagement ring is supposed to sweep the receptor off of their feet, while also providing them with a meaningful token of love that will last for an eternity. If you have found the perfect setting and you are looking to put a little more meaning into your engagement ring, consider using a morganite for the center stone, as opposed to the more traditional diamond!

Morganite is a gem named for J.P. Morgan, a financier and a gem-enthusiast. The stone is known to bring healing, compassion, assurance, and promise, making this perfect to place inside of a ring for your other half. Morganite is said to attract one’s soulmate or bring a couple that is already in a relationship even deeper into their love. In addition to these loving properties, morganite reduces stress in those who wear it, especially if it is worn for a long time. 

The pink hue of morganite evokes a very romantic feeling. The warmth of the rose gold and the pink of the morganite creates a unique style that your significant other will absolutely love!!

Unique Wedding Bands | Stack Your Rings and be Playful May 28 2014, 0 Comments

So you have the dream dress, the perfect venue, a mouth watering menu, a rockin' band, and the most beautiful flower arrangements. But what's missing? The WEDDING BANDS!

You want a band that will compliment your engagement ring but can also stand alone as a unique piece. But why choose just one? Stacking bands has become a very creative way to show off your personal style. Mix and match metals, patterns and textures because you can never have too much bling!