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Put a Ring On It: What type of bride are you? November 20 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

You've found that special person, the love of your life, the one you want to be with forever. You've likely scoured small jewelry stores, some "big box" jewelers, maybe even skimmed a few pawn shops looking for an engagement ring as unique and special as the person who'll be wearing it. You don't want something plain and traditional, a boring emblem of your love. You want something edgy, current. You want something different.

But you haven't found it. What are you doing wrong?

Likely, you've been hunting for the wrong thing.

Stop looking for a piece of jewelry that says "We're engaged" and find finger candy that cries "No one else like this on earth!"

That's the kind of ring Catherine Angiel designs.

Catherine Angiel is not only a NYC jewelry designer, but also an out-of-the-box thinker who isn't afraid to offer up something that makes a statement.

Too many engagement rings are focused merely on the cut and size of the stone. Bling is best, and bigger is better, right? Well, sure, that's nice, but size and sparkle aren't everything, especially in today's fashion-forward world.

Edgy Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Colored diamonds are emerging as one of the most exciting components in fashionable diamond jewelry, color has turned into a huge statement maker.

Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, from crystal clear to deep black, and Catherine Angiel has created a stunning black diamond engagement ring that's sure to make your beloved's eyes pop.

The edgy hue of the large rose cut diamond is beautifully contrasted with the paleness of the white gold band, making it a fitting companion to any occasion and with any wardrobe. Wearing this ring only amplifies the truth that black and white will never go out of style.

It's all in the band. Gone are the days of a simple, plain band! Today's fashionistas are about "pop", texture, and dimension in everything from home decor to clothing to--you guessed it--jewelry.

Tattoo-Inspired Engagement Ring

Enter the tattoo ring. That's right: a ring with a band inspired by a tribal weave tattoo. The diamond is pristine yet humble, weighing in at a dainty .75 carats, and is the sideshow to the nontraditional artistry of the band. With its ebbs and flows of white gold, this ring's band speaks volumes of the character of the person wearing it. It says, "I'm sophisticated, but unordinary; in vogue, but non-traditional; youthful, but not naive."

Browse the rest of Catherine Angiel's line of engagement and statement rings and find the perfect piece to tell that special person in your life, "I love the one and only, unique YOU".

Lush, Black Diamonds from Catherine Angiel November 03 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Edgy Black Diamond Cocktail Ring

They’re beautiful, unique and have a deep rich black hue: Black Diamonds. These black diamonds are among the more important gemstones that Catherine Angiel highlights in her fabulous and revered jewelry collections.

Loaded with black diamonds, Catherine Angiel's “Initial Jewelry” has been recognized for being edgy yet still feminine, and worn by stars around the globe. Black diamonds make a bold, confident fashion statement every time they are worn!

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado and have a mysterious history that is still being discussed today. Is is that these dark beauties are found in only 2 locations by happenstance, or were they discovered in the Central American Republic and Brazil because they fell from the skies in metiorites?

Unique Black Diamond Drop Necklace

Black diamonds are formed from carbon, like their cousin the white diamond. But the similarities stop there.

Instead of being formed from deep in the Earth as a single crystal, black diamonds are found near the surface of the Earth’s crust and are made up of millions of small crystals stuck together.

Black Pave Diamond Link Bracelet

Because they are opaque and therefore absorb light rather than reflect it, the beauty of the black diamond lies on its surface. To enhance their solid black appearance, the majority of black diamonds found in jewelry today have been irradiated by a safe process to the wearer. Setting them apart from other gemstones, larger black diamonds have unique and sometimes fascinating white or gray inclusions.

Catherine selects her black diamonds with thought of what will most interest her sophisticated and unique client’s eye. She designs using these rare gemstones partly because she knows about the legendary mystic that black diamonds carries. In India they are touted as a special gem dedicated to a revered Indian God. They are also used in sacred statues of Buddha.

Like the legends indicate, Catherine Angiel agrees that no one less than royalty gets to adorn themselves with these remarkable gemstones. She feels her clients are indeed that royalty.

Black Diamond Dangle Earrings

Lush, Green Color with Green Amethyst October 14 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

You can experience the unique beauty and style of Green Amethyst at part of Catherine Angiel's "Raw" Collection. You may not have ever seen Green Amethyst, as its namesake is a switch on the standard purple or violet amethyst, but here's your chance!

gothic fleur de lis necklace

Green Amethyst is most accurately called Prasiolite by gemologists. Prasiolite is created from a special quartz mostly located in the Montezuma deposits in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is altered from Amethyst or yellowish green color quartz by a combination of heat treatments and ionizing radiation.

It creates a beautiful light watery green color. Neither treatment makes the stone harmful to wear, only to enhance its beauty. When the stone is a cabochon, its natural inclusions are accentuated and almost magnified giving the wearer an unusual centerpiece to show off.

Taken from the Greek word meaning “leek-green,” this stone is a cool and crisp green member of the quartz family. Because of how it is created, this delicate hue can lighten over time when exposed to too much sunlight. It makes Green Amethyst a perfect complement to wear with your evening attire surrounded by diamonds.

Metaphysical lore gives Green Amethyst a powerful story. It keeps connections to the heart open while clearing disharmony and opening the wearer to love and compassion. It has the ability to transform negative energy to positive and balances the body along the way.

We at Catherine Angiel appreciate the effect that Green Amethyst creates while centered in our favorite jewelry. And the fact that the lore of this ethereal looking stone helps gain courage, foster self-reliance and attract abundance to the life of its recipient makes it that much more important.

Catherine selects and designs around important Green Amethyst cabochons because their beauty speaks to her. The fact that this stone can also empower her clients through their lives is the cherry on top!

Warm Rose Gold Jewelry for the Crisp Autumn Bluster October 05 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

The autumn leaves are tumbling from the trees and it’s time for scarves and hats, comfy coats and tall boots. As the wardrobe changes, so does the jewelry selection for the season. Set aside the the playful summer designs and add the more elegant pieces of fall, combining warm rose gold with cooler accents of grey pearls and shimmering diamonds.

NYC designer Catherine Angiel has a wealth of options for the new season. For rings, the warm rose gold of autumn allows many beautiful combinations with precious stones and diamonds. Catherine Angiel has created and crafted gorgeous rings for all women of all tastes and preferences. Her Rose Gold Pearl Ring is available is both 14 karat and 18 karat and combines the luster of a single Tahitian pearl with a lively bouquet of grey briolette cut diamonds. A lovely gift for a woman with poise, this ring will sparkle in the crisp autumn sunshine.Rose Gold Pearl Ring
For something with a more powerful statement, consider Catherine Angiel’s full finger ring in rose gold studded with warm sparkling champagne diamonds.

This ring is an inch wide and will add luster and glam to any lucky hand. The array of tiny diamonds accentuate the graceful, curving design of the ring’s elements.

The winds of autumn love to make long earrings dangle and glitter. Mimic the falling leaves and plump pumpkins with warm rose gold designs from Catherine Angiel’s extensive collection of elegant pieces.

Her Pink Gold Delicate Drop Earrings are as lovely as they are versatile.

Pink Gold Delicate Drop Earrings

Available in 14 karat and 18 karat gold, these simple yet graceful earrings accentuated with champagne diamonds lend themselves to any style and any situation.

For a bold statement, Catherine Angiel’s Modern Rose Gold Earring design is both sassy and trendy.

A simple circle of champagne diamonds leads to a larger circle of warm rose gold in this fun pair of earrings. For autumn birthdays and anniversaries, these make a lovely and memorable gift.

Catherine Angiel’s Rose Gold Solitaire Diamond Necklace combines the coolness of a rose cut diamond with the warmth of high quality rose gold for an understated yet alluring piece.

This design is available in 14 karat, 18 karat and platinum with options for color of gold as well. It will add a delicate accent to formal or casual wear and works with a variety of fashion styles and preferences.

Colder weather doesn’t mean less opportunities to wear jewelry. Instead, it means choosing the right pieces for the changing atmosphere and the emotion of the season. Before the real cold hits this winter, find warm rose gold jewelry pieces to add to the collection that matches the wardrobe.

NYC Designer Catherine Angiel has many more rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to choose from as well as special pieces for anniversaries, engagements and other occasions worth marking with a gift.

New York Fashion Week 2015 | Hottest Trends September 12 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Models, Designers, and Fashion, Oh My!

It's the most wonderful time of the year- New York Fashion Week!

Hosted by Mercedez-Benz since 2009, New York kicks off the season from September 10th -17th, then the festivities continue to London, Milan, and last to Paris.

 World-renowned designers such as Calvin Klein, Dennis  Basso, Jeremy Scott, and Rebbecca Minkoff, just to name a few, will be debuting their new collections-but we cant help but be excited to see what some of the new up-and-comers are going to bring to the table.

One designer we've got our eye on is Brandon Maxwell, the mastermind behind the famous meat dress worn by Lady Gaga, as well as many of her other extravagant outfits. His debut collection is said to reflect his love of powerful silhouettes and powerful women with classic elegance, which is right up our alley! Brandon's collection will be shown September 14th and we can't wait! Even the New York Times is in on this hot new designer! The newspaper published an article about Brandon just a few short days ago!

Just three days in and we've been extremely impressed with the collections that have graced the runways and preshows- so much in fact that we decided to pair some of Catherine Angiel's signature pieces with our favorite looks!

Here are our top 3 favorite looks paired with some of our favorite Catherine Angiel jewelry:


Left: Designer brand Ada + Nik paired with some simple, rustic, gold pieces that add glamour while keeping the look casual. 

Middle: Designer Faith Connexion's pre-show piece paired with some of our more edgy statement pieces like our signature diamond love band.

Right: Designer Marchesa's pre-show piece paired with some of our favorite romantic, vintage-inspired, rose gold pieces.

Fashion Week is a great time to discover new trends, learn about designers, and find inspiration. But we love finding out fun facts too. Did you know the first Fashion Week was held in 1943? During the time, World War II prevented fashion journalists and designers from going to France, like they had done in the past, for inspiration. America’s fashion industry decided to take matters into their own hands and created “Press Week” to showcase their own designs and fashion, rather than rely on France! Since then Press Week has been re-named Fashion Week, but today it's essentially the same as that week back in 1943. (Except for that fact that it's now known around the world, of course!)

This global show never fails to disappoint. With the gorgeous designs that have hit the runway so far in mind, we can't wait to see to see what else Fashion Week has in store for us this year! To find out more about NY Fashion Week, the designers, find schedules, or watch shows live, go to


What a Gem: What to Know About Sunstone July 22 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Here comes the sun(stone)

If you want baubles that sparkle as bright as the sun, look no further than sunstone. Sunstone, a distinctive gemstone and a plagioclase feldspar mineral, exhibits a brilliant spangled glow that will add the perfect sunny sparkle-and-shine to your jewelry box. Little known in the United States until the early 1900s, when an abundant sunstone field was found in an ancient lava desert in Oregon, sunstone encourages independence, leadership, and originality in its wearer. 


Orange Sunstone

(Image via Gemological Institute of America)

How did these three qualities become synonymous with sunstone? The gem's history stretches much further than its commercial popularity. Native American legend states that a great warrior's blood, wounded by an arrow during battle, dropped onto pieces of sunstone; his spirit, carried by his blood, permeated the stones and transferred his extraordinary qualities to them. 


Catherine Angiel Intricate Sunstone Rings

Catherine Angiel Intricate Sunstone Rings

As such, sunstone is typically found in orange, red, and yellow hues. The rarest types of sunstone – dark blue and green in color – are hard to come by; sunstone's origin, at the foot of basaltic volcanoes, gives it a distinctive yet subtle bronzed glow that is highly sought after by jewelers and customers alike. 


Blue-Green Sunstone

(Image via Gemological Institute of America) 

Sunstone is also used in crystal healing for a multitude of purposes – general health, physical energy, phobias, and stress-related illnesses. Just wearing sunstone on your finger or around your neck or wrist can help to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. In healing, sunstone is associated with the sacral chakra, which helps its wearer to experience life fully through feeling and sensation and, thus, allows him or her to – literally! – live life to the fullest.

Valentine's Day Jewelry NYC | Hot Gifts for Men February 02 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Don't know what to get him for Valentine's Day?

Why not a little bling!


These edgy rock n roll black diamond cross cuff links are a great addition to any ensemble!


This fleur de lis chain link bracelet is gothic and chic, and perfect for any occasion!


This rose cut black diamond eternity band is bold and powerful--just like your man!

Top Jewelry for Valentine's Day NYC January 31 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away!

Here are some gift ideas for your edgy Valentine:



This edgy black diamond pearl bracelet from Catherine's Couture Collection. It's edgy, feminine and very powerful!



This tattoo inspired 'LOVE' ring is a perfect representation of your love. Elegant and unique


This vintage inspired, rose gold diamond necklace, handmade with intricate refined detail. Delicate and romantic

Crown Jewels Gothic Chic December 28 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Gothic Chic 

Live luxuriously with this gold and diamond crown necklace fit for a princess or a prince! Gothic jewelry is hot and trending! 

Diamond Dragon Pendant NYC | Edy and Chic December 22 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Only 3 days left until Christmas!

This beautifully handcrafted White Gold and Diamond Dragon Pendant is a powerful symbol of nobility and abundance. The perfect gift for him or her!


Rare Gem Finds December 13 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Many shades of grey

A rare Rose Cut Grey Diamond is delicately nestled in a handmade Rose Gold setting. A beautiful combination of cool and warm. This limited edition ring is exquisitely simple and elegant. 



What every woman needs December 05 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

A slinky of diamonds 

Handmade with movement, these rose cut black diamonds shimmer delicately and powerfully. Jewelry should be worn both day and night and be versatile.



Jewelry Chic December 01 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? We have gorgeous staff favorites to help you find that perfect gift to put under the tree!



These White Gold and diamond Edgy-Couture Earrings would be a perfect statement piece to give that special someone this season!

Rockin Black Diamonds are for Everyone November 29 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Jewelry artist Catherine Angiel discovered black diamonds 15 years ago. These striking jewelry designs have become a staple for NYC power women!  They are Glam and chic, and perfect with every attire.

Rose Gold Necklaces by Catherine Angiel Featured in June 2013 Cosmopolitan May 17 2013 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Check out the latest issue of Cosmo to see a three-page fashion editorial featuring Catherine Angiel Rose Gold Necklaces. A simple yet gorgeous addition to your summer wardrobe!


Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2013

Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2013


Rose Gold Flower Necklace with Diamond

Rose Gold and Diamond Flower Necklace by Catherine Angiel


Solid Rose Gold Heart Necklace

Solid Rose Gold Heart Necklace by Catherine Angiel, $700


Rose Gold and Diamond Flower Necklace by Catherine Angiel

Rose Gold and Diamond Flower Necklace by Catherine Angiel


Complement your summer tan with other Catherine Angiel Rose Gold pieces Like This One!

Punk: Chaos to Couture Jewelry May 06 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

The Met Gala for Punk: Chaos to Couture is tonight at 7.

Which celebrities will be rocking Catherine Angiel jewelry? Stay tuned to see...


Savage Beauty | Edgy Trends June 26 2011 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments


“You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.” Alexander McQueen

       Jewelry designer Catherine Angiel is known for the edge in her designs, and her reckless abandon of the rules. She used black diamonds back when they were entirely unpopular and continues to create truly original pieces. It’s only fitting that one of her favorite designers and sources of inspiration is the late, great, Alexander McQueen.
     Through August 7th, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit. Waiting lines span from forty five minutes to two hours, but it is well worth it.
The exhibit starts with his first collection, in a gallery called “The Romantic Mind,” and continues in a maze of galleries that demonstrate McQueen’s self proclaimed “romantic schizophrenia.”While the exhibit is not necessarily arranged linearly, it does a stunning job of demonstrating the contrasts that played in his work and his love for nature and art. One of the most memorable sections is the display of his final and incomplete line, unofficially titled “Angels and Demons” in a tall golden casket part way through the exhibit.
     Filled with haunting couture, quotes from the designer himself, drawings, videos, and even a hologram, this event is one that any fashion or art lover would not want to miss.

Located at: 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028

Metroplitan Museum of Art: Savage Beauty Alexander McQueen Exhibit
Photo cred:The Photograph Studio, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Anne Hathaway wears Catherine Angiel Glam Ring on Saturday Night Live! November 22 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Anne Hathaway looked stunning on Saturday Night Live this week wearing our 11 Carat black diamond glam ring!


check out her monologue!

Catherine Angiel Designs in Beverly Hills! October 29 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

I am so excited that Neiman Marcus has approached me about carrying exclusive designs in their Beverly Hills store.  We have been very well received by our west cost fans, and welcome you New Yorkers to stop by and see us when you are in Califorina.

 [gallery columns="2"]

We're in the November Issue of Glamour! October 08 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

 Catherine Angiel's 'Crazy' Ring - 'Glam Collection'

A Decade of Black Diamonds Becomes Today's Fashion September 20 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Ms. Catherine Angiel introduced Black Diamonds into her designs over a decade ago, truly impacting the fine-jewelry industry.  Creating a staple in today's fashion jewelry, it's incredible to watch a once created trend blossom into a world renowned fashion statement. Catherine takes great pride in her designs and as a part of the Catherine Angiel team we are proud to witness the trickle down effect of Black Diamonds onto the Red Carpet at the VMAS!

Please take the time to view the article below from The National Jeweler discussing the images of Black Fashion emerging into the Celebrity Fashion scene!

Article Written By Catherine Dayrit

Sep 13, 2010

Los Angeles—In typical MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) style, the fashions at last night's awards show leaned towards the over-the-top (meat dress, anyone?) but in jewelry, a handful of styles, including oversized earrings, blackened metals and stacked bangles, managed to stand out against an abundance of glitzy shift dresses and flamboyant frocks.

After a strong showing at the recent Primetime Emmy Awards, blackened metals and black diamonds continued to dazzle on the VMAs red carpet, where the on-trend designs were worn by the likes of "California Gurls" crooner Katy Perry, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara and the evening's host, comedian Chelsea Handler.

Handler, who did a number of quick-changes during the show, took to the stage at one point in a black diamond and platinum cuff bracelet plus black and colorless earrings set in platinum, and a black, yellow and colorless diamond cocktail ring, all from designer Neil Lane. Perry, meanwhile, paired a barely there appliqué dress with a "Pave 3D Heart Ring" in blackened sterling silver from M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, while Vergara glittered in over 500 carats of Lorraine Schwartz jewels, including a blackened platinum cuff and platinum earrings, both with colorless and black diamonds, among other designs.

A fresh, edgy take on the usual white-on-white look of colorless diamonds set in white gold or platinum, other VMA attendees to take part in the trend included Twilight actress Ashley Greene and Lo Bosworth of MTV's recently ended reality series The Hills. Greene sported Lorraine Schwartz platinum earrings with black diamonds, plus a platinum bracelet with black diamonds and black sapphires. Bosworth, meanwhile, selected oxidized gold earrings from Bavna accented with colorless diamonds, paired with a Bavna rose-cut diamond circle ring.

Earrings and bracelet pairings, as worn by Greene, and earrings and cocktail ring pairings, as worn by Bosworth, were among the evening's most popular jewelry duets.

Pop star Perry, who sported the blackened sterling M.C.L. ring, also accessorized with rose-cut diamond earrings from Sutra, while in another of her on-stage looks, Handler wore Neil Lane diamond earrings plus a stack of diamond, gold and coral bracelets and bangles. Vergara piled on the jewelry, too, wearing not only the blackened platinum cuff bracelet and the earrings mentioned above, but also another platinum cuff, two platinum and diamond bracelets and a platinum and diamond dome ring to top it all off.

Bringing a flash of color, meanwhile, was Selena Gomez, who wore "Blue Mordore" crystal earrings and a cocktail ring from Baccarat's "Insomnight" collection.

Gomez's earrings for the evening leaned towards the demure in terms of their short drop style, as did the diamond Le Vian earrings worn Taylor Swift. The Hills star Stephanie Pratt also selected a more understated earring style, specifically diamond stud earrings from Le Vian, plus bangles and stackable rings from the brand. Many of the earrings spotted on the red carpet, however, were notable for their oversized style, such as the Amrapali rose-cut diamond drop earrings worn by actress Rosario Dawson. Other oversized earring styles to get major play were shoulder-grazing chandelier looks and hoop earrings, the latter worn by the likes of the Jersey Shore ladies, Easy A actress Emma Stone and Access Hollywood correspondent Maria Menounos.

Aside from all of the earrings, bracelets and rings in the spotlight, necklaces received a fair share of time on stage. During her performance with Eminem, R&B star Rihanna sported a long diamond chain and cross necklace from Neil Lane. Towards the end of the evening, a necklace worn by Lady Gaga, who swept the VMAs by winning eight awards, might have gotten much attention, too, but that's if viewers were able to get past Gaga's dress, chapeau and purse. As she scooped up her "Video of the Year" award in her third outfit of the evening, the pop star shocked in a get-up made of raw meat, which she accessorized with a blinged-out necklace, bracelets and a cocktail ring.

Please enjoy some of Catherine's amazing Black Diamond creations:

Rock n' Roll Queen of the 80's! September 19 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Before celebrities were donning Catherine Angiel's designs, she was banging out rock n' roll beats on the drums with her band called 'Mystery Girls'

A Rock Goddess by nature and jewelry designer by destiny!

Enjoy some old photographs of Catherine back in the 80's just rockin' and rollin'!

Our First Fashion's Night Out! Oh What a Night! September 13 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Fashion's Night Out 2010!!!

Katie Holmes, Marie Claire & Catherine Angiel! September 11 2010 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments


Please inquire at or feel free to call us at (212) 924 - 4314.

We'd LOVE to hear from you!

Celebrate Fashion's Night Out in Greenwich Village with Catherine Angiel! August 19 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

'Chasing the dragon with jewelry designer Catherine Angiel' July 12 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Dragons, gothic crosses, skulls and the classic arrowed heart that reads “mom”, if you think this is a description of artwork on the wall of a NYC tattoo parlor you’re mistaken. I just walked into Catherine Angiel, a Greenwich Avenue jewelry store located in the West Village.

I’ve always felt tattoos forward implications of danger and mystery onto their owner. Yet, making a lifelong commitment to a particular design is dreadfully disconcerting. (That, and there’s always my mother’s voice in the back of my head warning how it will look when I’m eighty with sagging skin) I conquered my fear of tattoo commitment at Catherine Angiel. Twirling around in front of the store’s mirror with a white diamond dragon pendant shimmering around my neck, I felt like a rock star and I decided that I’d finally found a “tattoo” with which I could form an allegiance.

Now for most of us, a diamond encrusted pendant is not an impulse buy. However, until one can save for the real McCoy, Catherine Angiel also offers silver versions without diamonds that won’t break the bank. You have to be buzzed into the store, which can be a little intimidating, but once inside the music is thumping and the casual atmosphere makes you feel completely comfortable. The store also offers engagement rings and slightly more conservative jewelry designs if the rock and roll experience of her tattoo inspired collection is not for you.

Click Here to View the Full Article

BLACK DIAMONDS are the New White Diamonds June 13 2010 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments




UNITED EDITORS-AT-LARGE; Thank You June 11 2010 - catherineangiel, 0 Comments

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catherine Angiel: The Edge

Sean Kiely talks shop with jewelry designer Catherine Angiel

When thinking about high-end jewelry, what comes to mind? Tiffany, Cartier, Choppard and Bvglari are just a few names that many consider to be the classicists of fine jewelry. For decades, New Yorkers have strolled the windows of Fifth Avenue, dreaming of the day they can own a piece of this luxury. What is strange, however, is that most of the recognizable names in this luxurious jewelry industry belong to men. Then along came Catherine Angiel, who did not just take down the walls of fine jewelry design, she busted through them with a sledgehammer.

Angiel isn’t you typical jewelry designer. While she was at the forefront of female jewelry designers, she didn’t attend design school, her pieces don’t retail for outrageous prices and her work experience includes drum solos, as her previous career was a drummer in a Rock 'n' Roll band. As one thing led to another in inspiration began to take control and before she knew it her love of music turned into a profitable design business.

“I’m really inspired by what evokes emotions in me, which is love, romance, music – and that’s how I get my ideas. I can be listening to a song and all of the sudden it will inspire me to create something, hence the "Dangerous" Collection, which is really Rock 'n' Roll inspired.” While music has had the most obvious impact on her opulent creations, the people in Catherine’s life have inspired her as well. “Love is also a fantastic Muse. I’m really inspired by my partner Martha – just her style and the way she puts herself together will give me some ideas.”

Angiel has created five unique collections - Dangerous, Androgyny, Renegade, Delicate and Glam – each evoking Catherine’s fun yet sophisticated spirit. Using distinctive elements and unconventional materials, Angiel creates jewelry bursting with personality, yet remains subtle enough for the red carpet and the mom pushing the baby carriage down the street. “I love working with unusual stones. Whether its black diamonds, or gray diamonds, I’m really inspired by things that are unusual yet can be brought into a classic type of design.” While her pieces might be considered to be dark, they are the perfect combination of a hard attitude and a soft soul.

Angiel’s designs are made for a wide array for clientele, and many times she works with her clients to make sure what they wear is exactly what they want, customizing pieces to any specific need. “I design for a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie. To me, those are powerful women in their own right, one being more demure, the other being out there and more edgy, but I still get that feminine, delicate, yet sexy twist.”

Angiel, like her clients, is a strong woman with visions of success. Celebrities like Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olsen, Sandra Bullock, Rhianna, Parker Posie, Mary Louise Parker, Rosario Dawson, The Pussycat Dolls and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been seen rocking pieces from Angiel’s collections.

One of the most important lessons Angiel has learned over the years however, is that often times the vision of success means remaining true to one’s self. “I know I have to do what’s in my heart, and I have to design what I’m feeling. It has to be less about ‘What does the client want?’ because when I design what I think the client is going to want and I don’t feel it, it’s the ring that doesn’t sell.” It is with this attitude that Angiel is seeing plenty of sales and noticeable press.

Of the highlights of her career, Angiel mentions the independent film The Guitar, in which her jewelry was exclusively used as a definitive element in the story telling of the movie. “(The producer) felt that our pieces really matched what the actress was going though in the movie. It worked in unison... and was a great match for the movie. It was truly an honor.”

While it seems that Angiel is well on her way to conquering women’s jewelry, her next move is taking on the men’s side. “There was a void for jewelry for men. It was either something plain or something vile. Men would love jewelry, if it were cool. Jewelry is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be expressive.” And expressive it is–her lighting bolt cuff links and cross necklaces will add a touch of edge to any outfit, with no motorcycle required. With the men’s collection already in motion, Angiel hopes to one day push the envelopes even further. “I love designing homes and gardens. I’m an artist and my pallet choices are precious stones and unusual metals, but to me art is everywhere. Anything that follows creation I would love to push my brand into.” If her boutique on Greenwich Avenue is any indication of her interior design capabilities, she will create some awesome places to call home.

In every ring, necklace and bracelet Angiel produces, her femininity with a punk edge shines through, providing clients with an individual sense of “something different and fresh... without any constraints.” While she might not have the brand name status of other designers in her genre, her pieces hold a name for them selves, and could help you build a name too. Angiel’s something shiny might not come in a little blue box, but it will get you some big attention.

Posted by United Editors-at-Large at 7:33 AM

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