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Unique Grey Diamond Engagement Ring November 19 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

For the unique bride

This grey rose cut diamond ring is as unique as she is. A rare, gorgeous beauty that reflects the individuality of the bride-to-be who wears it, the grey diamond ring is a perfect option for non-traditional couples.
A 3.56-carat grey diamond stands out in a muted 18-karat white gold band. A breathtaking, unique design is the perfect way to draw the right attention after popping that all-important question.
Start the journey to the aisle off right by giving a unique grey diamond engagement ring that she will be dying to show off to all of her friends. The generous gem gets people talking when their eyes are drawn to the eye-popping diamond in a color that even the most dedicated jewelry aficionados are likely to have never seen before.
Let the jewelry do the talking by pulling the trigger on a dazzling diamond that is as rare as it is beautiful.


A hundred shades of grey December 16 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

A league of their own

Grey diamonds excite me so much I want them all!  If you are like me, you crave something classic with a dash of attitude. This bad boy is real easy on the eyes and easy on your hand! Be one of the very few to own this limited edition ring.


Grey diamond rings by Catherine Angiel