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Grey Diamonds - Alluring, Rare, and Perfect for Autumn September 17 2015 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments


Subtle and elegant Grey diamonds have been permeating Catherine Angiel’s jewelry designs for the past few years. These diamonds vary in size, shape and their color can range from light grey all the way to blue grey in a flash. Qualities like this make them a perfect addition to any sophisticated jewelry box.

Catherine herself enjoys the lesser contrast between this fairly rare colored diamond and the more popular white metals of gold and platinum. Grey diamonds populate our planet because of their concentration of hydrogen in the earth where they form. Although they don’t hold the top value like the colorless diamond it is mostly because they are still emerging as to the general public.

Cut into all shapes, the Grey diamond speaks with a softer and gentler word for the diamond aficionados. “That is its beauty” says Catherine. Whether it is used as a center stone or accents around another stone, she enjoys the creative process of designing with the Grey diamond.

Catherine finds her New York City clientele always interested in a more understated look with their jewelry. Grey diamonds fill that bill. And, because today’s jewelry buyer wants a more unique choice that expresses their individuality, Catherine invites her existing and new clients to consider including these beautiful and more unusual diamonds for their individual bridal choice.

Whether you are looking for that significant piece of jewelry to represent your life or want a non-traditional daily wear, the Grey diamond is a wonderful choice that will set you apart and make you feel special!

History of Engagement Rings January 05 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

It's proposal season!

Did you know when engagement rings first originated? Neither did we until we stumbled upon an article from!

The first engagement ring dates back all the way to our prehistoric ancestors, the cavemen! Archaeologists believe that men would place braided cords around the woman's wrist, waist and feet. This tradition then ended when the ancient Egyptians began using rings in their marriage ceremonies. 

The first true example of an actual wedding band, or engagement ring started in Egypt about 2800 BC. Archaeologists uncovered several mummies from that era that were buried with silver or gold rings on their left hands. Ancient Egyptians believed that the left ring finger was connected to the heart, which is a tradition that we still use today!

The first diamond engagement ring Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave to his love when he proposed to her in 1477. It was a unique ring that featured several pieces of flattened diamonds that spelled the letter "M" for her name, Mary.

The tradition of giving rings didn't become popular until the 1700's with "posey rings" in Europe. "Posey rings" were bands that were inscribed with lines of poetry and given to sweethearts as a token of their love and affection.   

In the 21st century, engagement have evolved. Be it  a traditional white solitaire diamond setting to a more edgy black or grey diamond setting a ring is and always will be extraordinary way to say, "I love you". 

Rare Gem Finds December 13 2013 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Many shades of grey

A rare Rose Cut Grey Diamond is delicately nestled in a handmade Rose Gold setting. A beautiful combination of cool and warm. This limited edition ring is exquisitely simple and elegant.