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All Gave Some . . . Some Gave All - 9/11 We Will Never Forget September 11 2010, 0 Comments

Let us take the time out today to remember all of those who risked it all and all of those who lost their lives.

United we stand as one & are stronger than ever!

It has been nine years but time will never erase all that has happened in the past.

This day will always be remembered. . .

All Gave Some  . . . Some Gave All - 9/11 We Will Never Forget.

Click Here to Donate to the Reconstruction of The World Trade Center

Catherine Cares – Giving Back to the Humane Society of New York May 22 2010, 0 Comments

Please feel free to show how much you care by supporting the Humane Society of New York. All donations, big or small, are so much appreciated!

Humane Society of New York Donations