Juxtaposition and precious stones April 17 2011, 0 Comments

[caption id="attachment_920" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Catherine Angiel Green Amethyst pendent"]Catherine Angiel Green Amethyst[/caption]

This is one of my new favorites, that is sure to become a classic! It’s part of my raw collection, which I really identify with. This is a large green included amethyst cabochon, set in an 18kt yellow gold bezel. Under the stone I’ve engraved a symbol... I LOVE the faintness of the engraving, how you have to really look to find it. It’s like a hidden little secret under a gorgeous sparkling natural stone. At first glance the necklace is beautiful, but then when you study it for a minute you find this hidden treasure in the engraving! I enjoy the irony of having something “hidden” in the collection called “Raw”.

Juxtaposition and precious stones - beauty and meaning - what more could a girl ask for!