"GIA Gives Law Enforcement Crash Course in Gemology" May 27 2010 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

Patrick Peys, of the Belgium Federal Police, speaks about a Belgium jewelry heist he investigated at the GIA campus. . . investigators from around the world gathered for lessons that will help them pursue jewel thieves.

Carlsbad, Calif.-At the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Gemological Institute of America campus in Carlsbad, Calif., hosted a group of special agents and detectives hailing from law enforcement agencies worldwide and provided a two-week crash course in gemology, including lessons in the Four Cs and how to read a gemological grading report.

The information is priceless for investigators tracking jewelry crimes, according to Patrick Peys, of the Belgium Federal Police, an experienced gem detective and lead investigator of the 2003 Antwerp Diamond Center heist of nearly half a billion dollars in diamonds, cash and other valuables.

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