The Who May 02 2014 - Catherine Angiel, 0 Comments

This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most legendary bands The Who. So what better way to celebrate than by sharing with all of you one of the most amazing moments of my life!


When I was 14 years old, my mom took my brother and I on vacation to the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami.


I was sitting in the lobby, bored out of my mind, when a beautiful, poised woman sat next to me and started talking to me. Turns out it was Swedish supermodel Annette Walter-Lax! Then a man walked up to her and told her he would meet her at the hotel restaurant, then walked away.

I looked up and my jaw hit the floor. I then turned to Annette, 


Me: "Do you know who that was?!"


Annette: "My boyfriend."


Me: "Oh my God!! You're boyfriend is Keith Moon?! He's my IDOL!!!"


Annette: "Would you like to meet him?"


I thought I was going to die.


Me: "YES!!"


She then arranged a time for us to meet the following afternoon. I couldn't believe it!


The next day, I could not get ready fast enough! I put on my favorite Who t-shirt, my favorite white overalls and headed right to the hotel lobby.


At 4:00, the elevator doors opened, and there he stood, my idol. He had on a killer white suit and a walking stick. So boss. He then walked over to me, bowed, and kissed my hand!!!


Keith Moon: "Catherine, I'm Keith and it's a pleasure to meet you."


I had no words.

Keith Moon: "Would you like to go to the bah?"




Me: "What's a bah?"


He then pointed to the Poodle Lounge. Oh, he was saying BAR. Duh, Catherine!


So off we went to sit and chat about music and so, so much more. It was surreal. Just as I thought the moment couldn't get any better, Keith asks,


Keith Moon: "Would you like to meet Roger Daltrey?"


I could only nod my head yes.


Keith called his room and then 10 minutes later, Roger freakin' Daltrey walks in and gives me a big hug! So COOL!


The three of us talked for a while but I could barely understand a word they were saying! Being a girl from Queens, I had never heard a British accent before! However, they were so kind, generous and made me feel so special!

I'll never forget meeting my idol in such an amazing way. It was then I realized dreams really do come true. vacation EVER!